3 Video Editors: Let You Edit Videos Like A Professional

Want a pro video editing solution? You will find many video editing software claim they will provide you the best results. But do they work? We have researched well and selected the top 3 professional video editors for you.

Part 1: 3 Video Editors for Professionals

1. Visdee Video Editor

Visdee Video Editor includes several professional functions such as motion tracking, video keyframe, green screen, rich video effects, and more advantages to stimulate creativity. This video editor supports several popular formats, edits and shares videos for different devices, helps to upload the created video to YouTube directly, and burns the edited video to DVDs. Its editing functions like color match helps to improve efficiency.

visdee video editor


  • Enhance video quality by adjusting the brightness, contrast, 3D LUT, volume, and other aspects.
  • Track the movement of objects in video clips and attach clips such as images, text, or video clips to the objects.
  • Green Screen helps to change backgrounds and create several special effects.
  • Speed up the desired part or slow down video speed using the controller to highlight important moments.
  • Automatically help to reduce background music with Audio Ducking when there is dialogue.

2. Blender

Blender video editor is an open-source 3D creation software so that you can beautify your actual video footage with its offered 3D pipeline, including animation, modeling, simulation, video editing, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, rigging, and 2D animation pipeline. Cycles of Blender are an unbiased path-tracer engine so that you can add stunning ultra-realistic rendering. All specific tools are efficient for creative video editing. 



  • Comprehensive tools like modeling, sculpt, UV offers edge slides, full N-Gon support, advanced sculpting tools, etc.
  • Include production-ready camera and tracking tools to import raw footage and see movements live in your 3D scene.
  • Rigging and animation tools like an envelope, skeleton, custom bone shapes, sound synchronization, etc.
  • Include story art and directly drawing 2D in 3D viewport for story-boarders
  • Customize the layout and colors interface to create your add-ons.

3. Final Cut Pro  

Final Cut Pro video editor will help you transcode your media into a full-resolution one to complete your project in high-quality like 4K or 8K seamlessly. It includes the latest proxy engine that helps you edit a proxy-only copy of your library to share locally or use the cloud. Smart Conform will analyze each clip in your timeline, and it will also automatically crop your video.



  • Transcode any video clip into full-resolution such as 4K or 8K projects and shared libraries.
  • Transform the widescreen automatically project into custom sizes for specific tasks.
  • Guide the design of text and graphics with Custom Overlays and view your footage using Transform Overscan.
  • Edit more complex projects with its modern Metal engine and work with higher frame rates or larger frame sizes.
  • Metal dramatically accelerates graphics tasks include real-time effects, rendering, and exporting.


We have completed our guide regarding the top professional three video editor solutions. If you want a single best solution with the highest successful outcome, choose Visdee Video Editor and create your video like a pro.

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