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4 Ways to Reduce Complications During a Pregnancy

Many women who experience complications during pregnancy are those that have had pre-existing conditions. Nevertheless, it is equally as vital for those without such conditions to remain healthy and ensure the safe delivery of the baby. 

A female should know how her body works and also have the proper advice, guidance, and understanding of how to remain healthy before giving birth to their child. In this way, complications and dangers arising to the mother and unborn child are heavily reduced. Here are a few ways to decrease your chances of complications: 

1. Begin your Pregnancy at a Healthy Weight 

If you are extremely underweight you could lack the nourishment you require to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This can lead to an unsatisfactory premature birth. On the other hand, if you happen to be overweight, it can lead to a baby smaller in size than what you initially expected. In turn, this issue increases your chances of getting preeclampsia and could cause damage to organs such as the liver and kidney. 

2. Plan it out 

You have to be strong and mature enough to be ready to have a baby. This is because another life is held responsible in your hands. You have the power to make and break that life depending on how well you know how to do parenting. The key is to be at the right stage in life, read, learn, prepare, seek advice and then dive deep into the beauty of birthing your very own mini you! 

Additionally, at the age of around 20 most studies indicate that the majority of women have not developed sufficiently to carry out childbirth. This in turn can be detrimental to the mental and physical well-being of the mother. On the other hand, there is an elevated chance of having a high-risk pregnancy when giving birth at age 35 or older. The chances of birth defects increase as well as the physical toll on an aged body. 

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3. Say no to Drugs, Smoking, and Drinking

Cast away from all your bad habits during your pregnancy. Drinking alcohol, and consuming cigarettes and drugs can harm your baby and put the baby at risk. Through alcohol consumption, you could be increasing the chances of your baby getting Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder which could lead to a range of other birth defects, such as blindness. Smoking could result in an underweight baby and drugs can cause a variety of birth defects in the baby. 

4. Regular Doctor’s Visits 

You need to visit your doctor regularly as this is highly critical in monitoring the health of the baby and your physical health during the term of your pregnancy. Through such regular appointments, you can detect any possible threats and provide the needed treatment plans to reduce the chances of complications arising or worsening. 

Keep you and your baby safe and ensure an efficient and healthy delivery!

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