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5 Steps to Treat a Stiff Neck

Stiff Neck: This is the absolute worst kind of pain anyone can go through when stepping out of bed. Usually caused by tilting your neck on the pillow in the wrong way or simply being caught in a super chilly environment. When trying to move your neck from one side to the other you usually feel jolts of pain going through them and a tightening of the neck muscles. Nobody wants to endure a stiff neck after jumping out of bed in the morning. If you are in a desperate search for remedies, look no further.

Here are 5 Easy Steps to Help Treat your Stiff Neck: 

1. Heat & Ice

Use ice on your stiff neck for around forty-eight to seventy-two hours. Then apply a good amount of heat. Heat can be applied through a steamy hot shower or a burning hot heating pad. Do not go to sleep with the heating pad intact or on top of a stiff neck, you could start developing some unwanted skin ailments. 

2. Keep the Movement Going

I know one of the worst pains during a stiff neck episode is when you are trying to move it, literal stars manifest in front of your eyes. But keeping your neck still is not going to help with loosening the already super tight muscles. Avoid jerking around your neck and do gentle movements. This can help in calming the inflammation in your neck. 

3. Massage Away 

Have someone gently massage your neck area. Try out different techniques and use the most effective one for pain relief. In this way, you could figure out how much pressure is needed to alleviate the pain. Make sure the massages are directed towards the heart for optimum blood flow or purple bruises are sure to come up. On the other hand, you could also opt for a neck massager to do the job! 

4. Stretch it Out 

There are particular exercises you could carry out to reduce the effects of a stiff neck. Doing a slower variety of slow-motion exercises can activate those muscles again and reduce stiffness drastically. Such as, rolling your shoulders down and backward around ten times, squeezing your shoulder blades together ten times, and bringing your ear down to your shoulders 8-10 times. By doing these small exercises you are involving the much-needed movement to help loosen up those stubborn muscles and relieve pain. 

5. Change Sleeping Positions 

First off, it is time to change up your pillow. Once that is done and you have your pillows changed up, it is time to alter your sleeping position. Don’t ever choose to sleep on your stomach. When you do sleep on your stomach, you are more than likely to twist your neck for hours. Instead, choose to sleep on your side or flat on your back to avoid getting stiff necks altogether. Your sleeping position could make or break the pain in your neck, so adapt a suitable sleeping position to avoid a stiff neck. 

Avoid the dread of going back to bed and having a stiff neck again by using these remedies. You’ll have your neck back in no time!

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