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7 Initial Warning Signs of Brain Tumors to Know About

Brain tumor, I am sure many of you have heard about this.

Brain tumors just like tumors in any part of your body can be horrible to deal with. You may be surprised to know that there are more than 120 types of brain tumors according to the type of brain tissue being hit by the tumor. Brain tumors can also vary in size and can be located in different areas of your brain.

Sometimes, this growth can be non-cancerous or it can be cancerous spreading vigorously. The extent of tumor spread can vary from person to person. Brain tumors are becoming common every single day.

I remember one of my friends had a severe migraine for which she went to a doctor. After several rounds of checkups, she was referred to a renowned neurologist in Rawalpindi who recommended a few scans. Her scan results revealed that she was suffering from a brain tumor. This revelation was shocking because all she had was a migraine. However, this accidental discovery led to her diagnosis and she was treated immediately.

This makes it really important for us to know about some early warning signs of this disease for early diagnosis and treatment. So, if you are wondering what these signs can be, then this article can be the perfect read for you.

What are Some Early Warning Signs of a Brain Tumor?

Not all tumors come with certain signs and symptoms. Sometimes there can be little indicators that need to be picked up carefully. Here are some of the early warning signs of a brain tumor to know about:

1- A troubling headache

Headache is a common thing we experience in our daily routines. But a headache that lasts longer than usual or comes very frequently can be an indicator that something wrong is happening. Yes, you got me right. A headache or a migraine can be one of the earliest signs of a brain tumor. This takes in your migraine as well. So, if your headache is not relieving on its own after proper medication, then you should immediately contact your doctor.

2- Seizures

Do you know what seizures are?

Well. seizures occur due to sudden and uncontrolled disturbances going on in your brain. This change in brain electric activity can either result in a sudden change in awareness or it can result in loss of consciousness. So, these seizures can be one of the earliest signs of a brain tumor indicated by a change in the electrical activity of your brain.

3- Poor vision quality

Well, compromised vision quality is one of the earliest signs of a brain tumor. You can experience blurred vision and can also experience ‘graying out. So, any unexplained change in your vision quality could be an important indicator of a brain tumor.

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4- Weakness

Weakness can be due to many reasons. Sometimes your hormonal changes can make you feel fatigued or sometimes it can be due to lack of sleep. However, sometimes weakness can be an indicator of a brain tumor. Yes, the growth of a tumor in your brain can alter its activity level which ultimately can affect the energy expenditure in your body. This makes you feel lazy and lethargic. So, if you are experiencing unexplained fatigue and weakness alongside other symptoms then this can be a sign of a brain tumor.

5- Loss of body balance

Your body balance is essentially important for your routine movements and accounts for your ability to have normal body movements. However, sometimes any changes in your body balance can also be an indicator of a brain tumor. If you start experiencing difficulties with walking and start walking bent, then this can be due to a lack of coordination and balance between your parts of the body due to the lack of body balance. So, make sure you get it checked immediately especially when it gets paired up with other symptoms.

6- Changes in thinking capacity

Next in the list of indicators of brain tumor comes the changes in your routine brain function. Yes, when you start facing troubles with your thinking capacity and have trouble memorizing things, then this can be due to the development of a brain tumor.

7- Infertility

You might be surprised to know this but the presence of a brain tumor on part of your brain responsible for hormonal control can cause an imbalance in your reproductive stamina. So, sometimes infertility can be an important sign of a hidden brain tumor.

Bottom Line

Brain tumors are quite common and can affect anyone. Though the nature of these tumors can vary, it is really important to know about their existence. All these warning signs can help you to know that something is going on inside your brain. So, if you start experiencing any of these signs then it is recommended to contact your physician.

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