7 Must Tools For Event Marketers For Every Type of Event

Organizing an event is not easy, so help from any corner would have its worth in gold for event marketers. This is why event marketing tools are rated so highly by event marketers. Still, all face a common dilemma, which one to select?

To ease the process of selecting the best marketing tool, we have created this list of 5 must-have tools that every event marketer should give a shot!

7 Must-Have Event Marketers Tools

Event Marketing tools are a great helping hand in sorting out an event and making it reach the height it deserves. These listed marketing tools are among the best.

●     Taggbox

The best way to increase audience involvement at any event is to deploy a digital screen that collects and displays user-generated content from various platforms.

Taggbox, is one of the best user-generated content platform, gathers and presents social media feeds in real-time on a stunning social media wall for events. The user-generated social media feeds are compiled using hashtags, mentions, and keywords.

Awesome customization, curation, and analytics tools are included. Through its Sentiment Analysis, it provides a comprehensive understanding of audience behavior. It is a fantastic method to generate positive word-of-mouth advertising for your event, both before and after.

●     Member Solutions

Fitness studios frequently use Member Solutions because it was designed to handle membership registrations. It has grown since its founding in 1991 to now feature a variety of tools for event planning.

Using a library of templates, its event registration function makes it simple to construct signup forms, liability releases, and other attendance papers. All forms are blank and easily customizable with your company’s branding. In addition, the email marketing tool of Member Solutions might assist in keeping guests informed about your event if you also dabble in marketing.


●     Splash

Another enterprise platform is Splash, which offers all the essential features your company will require for event management. In addition, Splash’s event platform is designed to assist you in promoting your event to various internet consumers. This includes Google’s brand-new event search function; they even provide instructions on making your events appear on this brand-new search function.

Additionally, Splash offers beneficial lead retrieval connections with applications like Marketo and Salesforce.

Additionally, all essential marketing functions are covered by this program, such as social network promotion, personalized email marketing, and website development.

●     Regpack

Use Regpack to build an endless number of attendee kinds and modify registration forms. You can use a mobile device to check people in or let them do it themselves. Even your website’s signup page can use the software by embedding it there.

Group registration and secure payment processing are further advantages. If you decide to sell goods in addition to the event, you can add a cart and an instant checkout. Utilize the software’s survey function to then ask participants for their feedback.

●     Monday

This team and project management software has established itself as a mainstay in most event planners’ toolkits. You may have recently seen their jovial and inventive YouTube advertisements. Monday provides a highly visual tracking system with streamlined status updates. Whether you’re managing a group of in-house planners or trying to get all your event providers on the same page.

Although not designed for events, you can simply adapt this tool for any group activity, including conferences, seminars, and road shows.

●     Trello

Trello is a straightforward, legal, cost-free, and aesthetically pleasing solution to plan and coordinate your teamwork while putting on an event. The job lists are divided into many tabs under the team members’ names in this project management tool.

These tabs can be used to log tasks that have been given to them so that they can be tracked and monitored in real-time. Three categories, Free, Business Class, and Enterprise, are used to categorize the pricing options. Each plan includes admin, security, and team features and standard functionality.

●     Event Bank

You can plan and advertise events of any size with EventBank’s event management software. Maximizing your entire efforts for event planning, creation, management, and promotion aids in time management and time savings. In addition, every engagement provides you with significant insights into your audience’s behavior.

It allows you to create stunning, interactive event sites that are created and optimized to get the most interaction and conversions. Create VIP and other ticket types, provide coupons, offer pricing options, and more. You can easily control the event events and implementation from any location because of its excellent responsiveness and mobile-friendliness.

Wrapping Up!

Organizing an event is one thing, but making it a memorable one is whole another thing. Since events have become a norm in recent times, you need to ensure that your event is a standout to achieve the objectives that you associated without your event. Every tool mentioned in this list has its own forte, and try them out to find the match for your event.

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