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Best 7 Tips to Help Boost Your Fertility

Expanding family works differently for different Fertility couples. Some couples conceive a child easily while others have to struggle a lot and need medical intervention. As per experts at a fertility centre in Bangalore, some couples have infertility or fertility issues that make their family expansion plan stressful for them. As a couple, you can safeguard yourself from infertility by boosting your fertility. Here are some useful steps to boost your fertility:

1. Maintain your bodyweight 

Being underweight or overweight is not good for general as well as reproductive health. Underweight or overweight women are at a higher risk of pregnancy complications. Further, being overweight can lead you to have diabetes and bad effects on your sperm or egg quality.

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As a couple of reproductive age, you must have a close watch on your weight when you are trying to conceive. Try to lose your weight if you gain weight and try to gain weight if you are underweight. In simple words, you should keep your BMI between 20 and 25. 

2. Take proper care of your diet

Usually, we have a direct effect of what we eat or drink on our health. For the goodness of general as well as reproductive health, you must take a healthy diet every time. Ensure that it has all the nutritional elements like carbohydrate, healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. To boost your fertility, you should eat:

  • Green and seasonal vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Dry fruits 
  • Pasteurised dairy products
  • And allied others

You should avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking, junk foods, undercooked or overcooked foods, and non-washed or unhygienic food items.   

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3. Keep your sperm healthy 

To conceive a child, egg fertilisation and embryo development is necessary. It happens well when your egg and sperm are healthy. As a male partner, you can make your female partner have a conception when you have sperm in good quantity and quality. To keep your sperm healthy, you should avoid:

  • Smoking 
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages 
  • Exposure to extreme heat and chemicals 
  • Wearing tight undergarments 
  • Placing your laptop on your lap

4. Say no to with multiple partners 

Usually, having physical intimacy with an unknown person or more than one partner can lead you to have STIs . STIs like gonorrhoea and syphilis can make your reproductive organs have infection, inflammation, scar development, etc. that can affect your ability to conceive a child. As far as possible, make no love with more than one partner. And use good contraceptive methods like condoms and dental dams if you with person out of your married life.   

5. Have frequent

Generally, you (females) conceive when you have unprotected physical intimacy at the right time, during ovulation. You have a menstrual cycle of 28 days. Sometimes, it is longer upto 35 days. If your menstrual cycle is regular and of 28 days, you ovulate on days 10-16. Otherwise, you need to predict your ovulation by tracking your periods and basal body temperature. To boost your fertility, you should have frequent . And make love a day before or ovulation to conceive a child.     

6. Be physically active 

Your sedentary lifestyle can make you gain unnecessary weight. By working out, you can control your body weight. Further, exercising helps you have flexibility in your body, release tension, improve blood circulation, and enhance the functions of your body parts. If you can’t do workouts of high intensity, opt for moderate exercises like:

  • Morning/evening walk 
  • Running or jogging 
  • Cycling 
  • Swimming       

7. Avoid stress 

In today’s world, being stressed is common due to personal as well as professional life responsibilities. However, you should avoid stress. It is essential for you (couples), as many studies have shown a link between stress and infertility. To manage your stress and anxiety, you can practise:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation 
  • Relaxing techniques like squeezing, and watching light & funny programs 


In the current world, your lifestyle, chronic health issues, environmental pollution, and mental health leave a direct impact on your fertility. You can boost your fertility by following the tips mentioned above.  

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