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Best Rums in the World Top 5

Rums are one of the finest drinks in the world. There are many rums in the world that have different tastes and ages according to their country because every country uses different methods and strategies to store rums. The normal age of a rum is about 3 years to 10 years. It can go above depending on the country and the brand. Here are some of the best rums in the world, from white rum to different cocktails.

List of Best Rums in the World Top 5

  1. Mount Gay Black Barrel
  2. Holmes Cay Barbados 2005
  3. The Real McCoy Single Blended
  4. Appleton estate
  5. Bacardi Reserva Ocho 

5. Bacardi Reserva Ocho

Bacardi Reserva Ocho is one of the finest rums in the world, known for its rich taste and expression. Ocho is a mixture of dry fruits, spices, and oaky vanilla. Let’s talk about its region, Ocho is the best you can find in Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico is also known for Don Q which is a very loved rum for locals of Puerto Rico.

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If you are looking for an aged rum then Appleton is your rum. Appleton is aged for a minimum of 21 years. This rum has a bitter and overly tannic taste. “This is one of my favourite rums in the market,” said Gonzalez. In the list of TOP 5 Best Rums in the World, Appleton estate is the  4th best rum in the world.

3. The Real McCoy Single Blended

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When it comes to rum, The Real McCoy sources it from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados, which is dedicated to producing rum without the use of chemicals or colours. This dark rum was aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, imparting layers of brown sugar, vanilla, black cherry, and even a hint of smoky flavour to the finished product.

These people are producing some very outstanding unadulterated juice, McCoy says. Obtain any of their expressions, starting with the white three-year-old and working your way up.

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Holmes Cay imports several genuinely exceptional single cask rums, including this Barbados 2005 bottling, which is available via the company’s website. This rum, which is distilled at the Foursquare distillery, does not contain any colouring or sweetening agents.

In the list of 5 Best Rums in the World CAy Barbados is the  2nd best rum in the world. It’s been aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon barrels (three of which were sourced from the United Kingdom), and it’s bottled at a cask strength of close to 64 per cent alcohol by volume. Even at its high proof, this is a drinkable spirit, but a splash of water opens it up and reveals an intriguing array of spices, fruits, and vanilla flavours on the palate.

1. Mount Gay Black Barrel

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Mount Gay is one of the best rums made in the country of Barbados. Recently, master blender Trudiann Branker made some big changes to the Black Barrel expression. It’s now been aged for three to seven years, has more pot still distillate in the blend, and the finish in heavily charred ex-bourbon barrels has gone up from one to six months, making the rum even more flavorful than before.

In contrast to the typical practice of finishing with a used cask, this rum was finished in bourbon barrels with a lot of char. It has more pepper and spice than other rums from Mount Gay.

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