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Black Tea VS Green Tea Health Benefits And Types

When we talk over Black tea vs green tea lots of questions arise. This article is all about Black tea and green tea, their health benefits, disadvantages, use, making and nutrition effects, and many more.

 For thousands of years many cultures have been drinking tea as an important element of their diet and they consider it as a  healthy drink to perform everyday tasks and it gives a boost to human energy.

According to a report from the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water.

Black Tea and green are a varietal of the Camellia sinensis plant. The birthplace of black tea in China. Up until the 17th century, the only teas that were used up were green and oolong, later on, black tea was discovered when the Chinese started fermenting tea leaves as they wanted to extend the storage life of tea.

Black Tea VS Green Tea Elements And Transformation

The traditional transformation of tea includes withering, rolling, oxidation, and firing. This process is known as fermentation, it can damage and reduce many natural benefits of black tea. Green tea doesn’t pass through this process and only the Camellia sinensis plant‘s dried leaves and leaf buds are used to make several different teas. Green tea is simply prepared by steaming and pan-frying the Camellia sinensis leaves and then drying them.

Black Tea VS Green Tea
Tea leaves

Polyphenols and caffeine are the most important chemicals of tea, with significant pharmacological implications. Endogenous nicotine was confirmed to be present in tea plants (Camellia sinensis L.) by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry of tea samples from different Asian countries that contained nicotine 

A study conducted in China shows that green tea may work to help quit smoking. Green tea’s active ingredients, mainly catechins and caffeine, are usually isolated by extraction with organic solvents.

 According to the same study, green tea can slow the exhortation for nicotine as well. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. For people who have quit tobacco use entirely, it can help them in restoring the oxidant/antioxidant balance.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea 

Green tea is often considered the healthiest tea. Green tea also contains antioxidants and polyphenols which may aid in the prevention of cancer and other diseases. As green tea is minimally processed, it has more antioxidants than black tea.

Black Tea VS Green Tea
Green Tea

 Consuming Green tea has many health benefits and positively affects our skin,  helps in weight loss prevention from cancer, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Green tea helps to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol also helps to cure heart-related issues, from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure. It may reduce bad breath and May also help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Black Tea 

Black tea helps to improve mental health, skin, and stomach-related issues. Black tea is prebiotic. A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that black tea works as a prebiotic to improve digestive processes. It boosts metabolism, decreases Caloric Intake preventing Parkinson’s disease, Improves Fat Distribution in our body, and reduces stomach upset and diarrhea.

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Black Tea

The natural properties of black tea help to block the hormone DHT that is responsible for hair shading. It keeps hair firmly rooted to the scalp, black tea will also nourish and strengthen your delicate strands. 

Black tea can give you an extra kick of energy to alleviate aches and pains. This flu-fighting tea can help reduce inflammation and reduce the body aches that come along with tough colds and cases of flu.

People who drink one cup of black tea per day have a lower risk of developing kidney stones compared to those who don’t drink tea.


Types of Black Tea & Blends

There are many varieties of tea named after the region where it comes from.

  • Assam Black Tea is primarily grown in the Assam region in India.
  • Darjeeling Black Tea is grown only in Darjeeling, India.
  • Ceylon Black Tea grown Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Chai Kee Mun is primarily grown in China’s Anhui province.
  • Scottish, English, Or Irish Breakfast Tea  is combination of Indian Assam, Ceylon, or Kenyan black teas
  • Earl Gray grown in southern Italy
  • Lapsang Souchong.
  • Dian Hong Cha  known as Yunnan Red
Types of teas
Types of teas

Types of Green Tea 

  • Gunpowder Green Tea.
  • Longjing (Dragon Well) Green Tea.
  • Gyokuro Green Tea.
  • Mint Green Tea.
  • Japanese Sencha Green Tea.
  • Matcha Green Tea.
  • Jasmine Green Tea.
  • Genmaicha Green Tea.

The Bottom Line

Virtually all teas are calories free such as green tea, black tea, oolong, and white and herbal teas. When we mix other ingredients in tea i.e milk, sugar, syrup, and other high-calorie ingredients, 16 ounces of tea can pack up to calories. You can decrease calories by drinking simple tea without milk and sugar.

One plain black teacup approximately contains 2 calories and has zero percent cholesterol and saturated fat.

However, a cup of plain green tea has only 2–3 calories per 8-ounce (240-ml) cup when prepared only with hot water making it a perfect addition to your weight loss plan.

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