Brydge Keyboard Honest Review For iPad Pro11

The Brydge keyboard can be a very useful accessory for the newest iPads is still pretty new, but after the initial wait for shipping to start, it looks like the keyboards are in stock and ready to be picked up. Apple has its Magic Keyboard, and Amazon has a wide range of options for every budget. Today, we’re going to look at the Brydge keyboard for the 12.9″ and 11″ iPad Pro, Which is not just like any other keyboard for the iPad Pro.

A few years ago, Brydge has made some of the best external keyboards for iPads. The latest Brydge Keyboard for iPad Pro promises to feel better than Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio. It also promises useful features like a function key row and backlighting. Before we get into the Brydge Pro+ review, it’s important to know that when Brydge first put this keyboard on the market, it wasn’t very easy to use. But Brydge updated its software and now keyboards on all Brydge Pro+ devices should work properly.

Features Of Brydge keyboard 


The Brydge Pro+ is not a full-sized keyboard, so it takes some time to get used to typing on it. But the learning curve isn’t too steep; I only had to use it a few times to get used to it.

Brydge keyboard is best for typing and has a bit of a learning curve. The trackpad is excellent, and everything works brilliantly.


Brydge Pro+ is very well made and looks great. It’s made of high-end aluminum, and the keys look and feel very high-end. Also, the bottom of the Brydge keyboard has two rubber bumps that keep the iPad screen from touching the keys or the metal frame. So let me start with the parts that aren’t quite right. 

The back cover of the Brydge Pro+ is held on by magnets. It is beautiful but not so protective. It doesn’t take much to move it out of place, either. 

To use the keyboard, just put the bottom into the hole above the long hinge and put the back of the iPad against the thick plastic back panel of the keyboard. Brydge calls this new design the SnapFit Case. It has strong magnets on the top panel that hold your iPad Pro in place. There are small “wings” on each side of the iPad near the top, so you can quickly grab it and then press the wings back as you lift it out to use it as a tablet.

Bluetooth 5.0

It doesn’t have a Smart Connector as official Apple keyboards do. Still, Brydge has added Bluetooth 5.0 and its smart Instant-On technology to make a product that works just like the Smart Connector and lets you connect right away for up to four hours. On the Brydge website, you can watch two videos side by side that show how both technologies work the same way.

Battery Time

Brydge says that the battery will last up to three months if it is used for two hours a day without the backlight. The thing is, this keyboard turns your iPad into an alternative to a MacBook Pro, and you will probably use it for a lot longer than two hours a day. Even if you use it for six hours every day, it should last you about a month. Also, both the iPad Pro and the Brydge 12.9 Max Plus can be charged through USB-C ports, which makes it easy to charge both with the same cable and charger. When the iPad is in landscape mode, both USB-C ports are on the right side.

Weight And Color 

The weight of the Brydge keyboard, which is made of brushed aluminum, is 970g (2.1lbs). The Space Gray one is the same color as my iPad Pro 12.9 Space Gray, so it’s clear that they were made to go together. The keys are black, and the writing on them is white.

The keyboard and your iPad won’t move around on a flat surface because the bottom has four rubber feet. There are also two small rubber pads just below the keyboard. When the iPad is closed, the screen rests on it so it doesn’t touch the trackpad.

Brydge Trackpad

One of the most obvious features of the keyboard is the huge trackpad, which is 5.5 inches by 3.3 inches. You should take some time to try them out and start using them regularly. After a while, you’ll find that you can’t get work done on your iPad Pro 12.9 without the Brydge keyboard.

The trackpad is small, but it works well, and let’s be honest, we expected it to be smaller than a laptop’s trackpad since this is an 11-inch tablet. Also, the four rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard do a great job of keeping it from moving.

Brydge Trackpad
Brydge Trackpad

The Brydge Pro+ keyboard is set up like a Mac keyboard and can do many of the same things. The keys, on the other hand, are smaller than those on a normal keyboard. This is not a full-size keyboard, so the space bar is also shorter. However, the keys move and feel great.

 The keys are set on the bottom of the keyboard, so when you close the cover on your iPad, the keys don’t touch the screen. There is enough space between the keys, and each one feels solid when you press it. There are six rows of keys on the keyboard, including a row of shorter keys at the top that can be used to control things like the backlighting of the keyboard (there are three levels), the brightness of the screen, playback, volume, and more.

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The Brydge Pro+ is the best iPad Pro keyboard on the market and is priced at US$ 149.99, which is much more affordable than Apple’s offering and competitive in price with other iPad Pro keyboards.

The Brydge 12.9 Max Plus comes in Space Gray, Silver, and White for $249.99. It works with 12.9-inch iPad Pros from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. The same keyboard is also made by Brydge in an 11-inch size for the iPad Pro 11 and the newest iPad Air models. It costs $199.99.

Pros Of Brydge keyboard

  • Elegant aluminum design
  • Keys that are spaced out well and move well
  • Multi-finger gesture support
  • Durable battery life
  • Three levels of lighting in the back
  • The row of keys that do everything
  • Easy and quick to take out the iPad

Cons Of Brydge keyboard

  • The trackpad’s top doesn’t work.
  • 2.1 pounds just for the keyboard
  • Can be a bit heavy on top

Multi-Touch Gestures

There is support for the following multi-touch gestures:

  • Zooms in and out with a pinch of two fingers.
  •  To Open Today view swipe right with two fingers.
  •  To open the app switcher use three fingers to swipe up.
  •  Scrolls the screen up and down with two fingers.

Most of these gestures can be turned around by doing the gesture a second time. For example, swiping up with three fingers opens the app switcher, and swiping up again with three fingers while the app switcher is open closes it.


The Brydge 12.9 Max Plus keyboard is made to help you get more done with your iPad when it is in laptop mode. It also has a new SnapFit Case design with a hinge that lets you take the iPad out quickly and easily to use it as a tablet and then put it back in seconds to use as a keyboard. The Bluetooth has worked perfectly, and if I hadn’t been the one to connect it to my iPad at first, I would have thought that Brydge was using Apple’s Smart Connector technology.

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