List of Items to Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

Buy Before Your Baby Arrives: Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences for any parent. However, it is equally stressful as one needs to buy various products before their baby arrives home. 

While buying baby products is going to be a long journey, we’re here to unveil a secret! Keeping only a select few items might do the trick for you as a parent. Stocking up a few necessary items like baby diapers, formula, clothes, natural baby wipes, and others will have you covered for some time. 

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of items that you should stock up on before your little one arrives home.

List of Items To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

  1. Diapers And Baby Wipes

The first and foremost items to keep handy are baby diapers and wipes. If you buy disposable baby diapers, we suggest getting them in bulk as you will need plenty of diapers every month. You can choose natural disposable Bamboo diapers from Little Toes as they are better at absorption and are quite gentle on your baby’s soft skin.

Baby wipes are also necessary for keeping your baby clean and dry. We suggest getting natural baby wipes like Bamboo Fiber Baby Wipes from Little Toes. These are extremely soft and are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  1. Disposable Diaper Bags 

If you are using disposable baby diapers, ensure that you’re surrounded by disposable diaper bags as well. Your baby is going to use multiple diapers every day, and you will need to keep the soiled ones in one place for easy disposal. 

Running to the supermarket every time you’re in need of disposable bags might sound like a challenge. Therefore, we suggest stocking disposable diaper bags in bulk to avoid any shortage during emergencies

  1. Baby Formula

While your baby will depend on you for their source of nutrition alone, we suggest keeping some baby formula handy. Some babies might be able to consume mushy food within the first year itself. In such instances, ensure that you’re prepared with some good quality formula at home.

  1. Baby Proofing Items

Every parent ensures their homes are baby-proof before their little one arrives. However, if you think that baby-proofing your home just once will be enough, you might be wrong. Once your toddler arrives home, you might come around to new spots that you previously missed. Therefore, it’d be a smart idea to keep some baby-proofing supplies in hand to install them as soon as you spot a potential threat.

  1. Baby Clothes 

Lastly, do stock up on baby clothes. During the first few months, your baby will face a quick growth sprout and will grow out of clothes quite fast. So keep onesies of different sizes to accommodate your baby’s growth. You would not want to go out of clothes at any point.  

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Household Items You May Need

  1. Toilet Paper

One of the most essential household things to stock up on is toilet paper. You would not want this essential item to deplete during emergencies. 

  1. Laundry Detergent

Stocking up on laundry detergent is extremely important. Taking care of your baby will be a messy affair, and you might need to wash clothes more often than you think. So, we suggest buying laundry detergent in bulk to avoid running out of them. 


All the items mentioned above are available across all specialized baby stores. However, if you’re unwilling to leave your home during this pandemic, you can also find them online. Remember, be precise about the stocks you need! 

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