Finishing Options For The Custom Lipstick Boxes you need to know

Why do you need finishing options for the custom lipstick boxes?

The finishing options are designed for the luxurious brands that need to add some extra value to the outlook and protection of the lipstick products. These additional options are worthy for the products that are related to enthusiasm and fashion. So, it’s found that high-quality cosmetic brands consider these options while deciding about the finishing touch for their products. Few of the common finishing options are available here for the customers, along with their purposes for the custom lipstick boxes

Custom lipstick boxes
Custom lipstick boxes

Protective Options Or The Finishing

Several e-commerce cosmetic stores are working online; even after the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, the use of online selling platforms has increased. So, the use of protective packaging also escalates to cater to the packaging requirements of the e-commerce cosmetic stores. It is also an understood fact that lipstick is a cosmetic product that sells like hot cake, so it is required to focus on their protection. And initiate the best unboxing experience for the customers, at the same time, few exceptional finishing options are available for the cosmetics brand. When you add these options with your custom lipstick boxes, the packaging becomes more alluring and protective. 

UV Lamination For Heat And Sunlight

Heat and sunlight cause major damage to the lipstick products. The heat causes melting and D-shaping of the lipsticks. So, to avoid this situation and loss, you need boxes that are coated with UV lamination. This lamination is great for the packaging boxes which are going to be exposed to the sunlight. This lamination helps to reduce the inside temperature of the boxes, so the product remains undamaged. Another benefit of this coating is that when the UV ray of the sun touches it, they would easily reflect. So, the cosmetic brands need to apply these coatings on custom lipstick packaging boxes

Custom lipstick boxes
Custom lipstick boxes

Corrugated Wraps And Bubble Sheets

If you have few distinctive liquid lipsticks packed inside the sensitive glass bottles, then the security of these lipstick products becomes a challenge. And if you want to send these lipsticks to faraway places, then the security of this lipstick becomes a major concern for you as a seller. So, the packaging engineers introduce exciting protective packaging solutions for the lipstick brands. So, corrugation wraps are one of the amazing wrapping options to secure these lipsticks. Just add these wraps around the lipstick bottles and place them inside the custom liquid lipstick packaging

Eva Foam And Loofah For Sensitive Lipstick

The most demanding protection for the lipstick packaging is the Eva foam and loofah. Both protection materials not only enhance the stiffness of the packaging but also add value to the product’s beautification. When the customers opened the custom lipstick packaging boxes and found a lipstick securely placed inside the Eva tray, it would be amazing for them. So, you can use these options for the lipsticks if you have to send them to different destinations. 

Lipstick boxes.

Designing options for the finishing

In addition to the protective finishing options, there are also few designing options to exaggerate the final look of the packaging. Such options are discussed below, and these would be beneficial for your lipstick packaging

Additional cut-outs for designing

By adding the cut-outs in the simple and ordinary packaging box, you can enhance its visual appeal. So, if you have the custom lipstick packaging designed with the minimalist approach, then these are cut out to make your packaging more attractive for the customers. However, these cut-outs are also available with the window patching option. That would make the boxes more secure for the lipsticks.

High-Gloss Coating For An illuminating Effect

When the look of the design seems to be incomplete or a little dull after the printing, you are not required to get worried. There is an option of a high-gloss coating for the lipstick box packaging. This sort of coating makes the lipstick boxes shiny and smooth. And when the light falls on the box, it looks illuminating. Hence, it is a slightly expensive option, but several renowned cosmetic brands use this option for their lipstick boxes. 

Aqueous coating for protection of design and inks

Sometimes the moisture and environment make the printing of the boxes fade and light. Due to this, the look of the packaging becomes pathetic, and when the product reaches the customer, it looks boring. So, to avoid this scenario, the packaging designers introduce the aqueous coating for the custom printed lipstick boxes. You can get these options with amazing custom lipstick boxes at the check right now!

This is a glass-like coating that is water and moisture-resistant and makes your packaging long-lasting. 

Printing Option For The Finishing

Printing options are also available in addition to printing the basic design. These printing options lead your packaging to the next level. So, if you want your lipstick product to get a prominent place on the retail shelves, then you should think about adding these options to your lipstick packaging boxes.  

Custom lipstick Boxes
Finishing lipstick Boxes

               Foil stamping for the logos

You can try the foil stamping option for the lipstick boxes with the logo as the shiny logo looks very impressive on the simple matte box, and this is the reason it is one of the most attractive design options. Superior brands mostly use this technique for their lipstick boxes and make their brand logo more visible on the packaging. There are several shades of foil available, and customers can choose them as per their designing needs. 

              Embossing effect for the lipstick boxes

Embossing is the raised surface of the text and symbol. However, this is not an advanced design option but still so demanding. This sort of design adds glory to the packaging. And also make the brand logo and name noticeable. You can use this option for your lipstick boxes and enhance the value of the product. Lipstick boxes with embossing text also look different from others, and in this way, you can easily create differentiation in the market. 

    Debossing of the text of lipstick packaging

Vice versa to embossing is the debossing effect that is also used for the text. This sort of design is imminent to craft the different look of the packaging in the retail market. lipstick brands especially use this finishing option for the printing of their brand name and logo on the lipstick packaging. The final look of the text is like a craving on the box and packaging. However, this design is not limited to the text; you can also use it for printing the specific design on the lipstick boxes. 

The final words

All the options that are discussed in detail in the article would surely make your lipstick boxes more secure, more appealing, and more favorite of the customers. It is also true that these options would enhance the cost of the packaging, but as a result, it would also save you from big losses and attract more customers to buy your products. Eventually, the cost becomes bearable with a lot of benefits for the lipstick brands. In one state cost bearable, the vendors allow the quantity discounts to those who need custom lipstick boxes wholesale

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