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Important Detail to Plan in Designing Your House

Designing Your House: So, in having your own home built it usually takes people you hired to look after the details of your building, which is practical, to say the least, but it is not recommended as such that it might cause problems with some details being overlooked. 

So, if you are having your home built, make sure that you take the time to oversee the whole project and make sure to look into these important home details as they tend to be overlooked or overshadowed by the major details of the house. 

Designing Your House

House Elevation

As we are too busy with the details of the home and the interior design many homeowners tend to forget a very important aspect of home building and that is the house elevation. This detail is very important because technically you needed at least a meter or so as a degree of elevation for your home. 

These details have so many important roles, one is on the aspect of pipe systems being efficiently installed. Also, it could be a means to avoid flooding the home when there is heavy outpouring, so make sure to check and see the elevation of that house that is being built. 


The color of the house. So technically you choose the color but in so many instances the person being directed to oversee the whole project does not go into the detail of checking the details and specificity of the color being instructed and at the end of the construction the whole thing becomes apparent and now the homeowner has to spend an extra to correct the mistake. One way to do it is to personally go to the paint store and choose the paint and order the bulk that is needed for that specific project. 

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Electrical Outlets

Make sure to double-check the electrical installations. So as the one who will be living in that house you have to make sure that you will be comfortable and that the whole design of the house is pragmatic. You will be the one to direct how many outlets, switches, lights, and all sorts of details are connected to electrical wirings. On the day of the installation, you also have to be there to make sure that nothing is missing and that your whole plan and direction will be obeyed down to the last detail. 

Drainage System

Many construction firms who are left on their own with construction projects tend to decide for themselves the piping system that they will install which ends up being badly built and improperly installed. Thus, you have to make sure that you attend to this detail in the construction. Make sure that the drainage system that you wanted to and consulted with the experts are the details that will be installed in the building. 

You are the boss of your own home, so in taking charge of the details of building it make sure that you take a closer look and pay close attention to the details mentioned above because they are very important in the whole project.

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