iPhone 14 Pro Max Review 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the reasonable premier and has the best of everything in the current iPhone world. It has the best display, amazing design, durable battery, smart camera, and biggest screen ever you got in iPhone stock. Today we will talk about the most awaited Apple product and its astonishing features in detail.  It’s not only the greater 6.7-inch display or the expected for more battery duration, it is available to current iPhone purchasers who need an extraordinary mobile phone. 

 iPhone 14 Pro Max Quick Review

  • Apple decided to put its ideal, quickest, and perhaps most productive silicon in only 50% of its new phones. The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro is a remarkable iPhone that has one more GPU center than the A15 Bionic in the standard iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 gets the A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max while the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max get the all-new 4-nanometer process A16 Bionic.
  • iPhone 14 Or more could sound great on paper, yet shoppers will, evidently, happily pay $1,099/£1,199/AU$1,899 for the unlimited iPhone 14 Pro Max – what they consider the best iPhone, even in these desperate times.
  • Assuming we’re discussing value, however, the iPhone 14 Pro Max procures its keep with smart execution, a brilliant screen that currently can arrive at a sun-beating 2,000-nit brightness, conveying extraordinary failure power 1Hz systematically in plain view usefulness that is only there for a fast look.
  • This island contains the front camera (overhauled with self-adjustment) and sensors for 3D estimation as a component of Face ID, yet some innovation, similar to the proximity sensor, is presently taking cover behind the display Nonetheless, it has the ability to surprise to change in light of screen movement and signals.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Features Discussion:

If you are willing to read thoroughly about iPhone 14 pro-Max’ features, below-given content is surely for you. Let’s dive deep and have a look at how Apple has developed its most surprising features. 

  • Display
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Cameras
  • Release Date And Price
  • Design
  • Battery Timing And Charging

iPhone 14 Pro Max Display

While some people are talking about the ongoing iPhone design language going down, it’s renewed here by the adjusted Super Retina XDR display. Besides the strong A16 Bionic in the hood, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen includes the new phone’s amazing development, the Powerful Island.

The notch is no more and is replaced with a more pixel-rich 2796 x1290 pixel display, 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR is as yet elegant, and Dynamic Island replaces the indent. Rather than embracing the highest point of the OLED screen and including that super slender speaker space, the Powerful Island satisfies its name and floats a couple of millimeters down from that top edge.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Display

The 12MP camera  (presently with self-adjustment), is similar to the IR sensor and flood illuminator; however, the proximity sensor is now behind the screen. Second, the Powerful Island is delicate. Third, this little dark space can change shape, and that is where it truly develops its stripes.

The Powerful Island uncovers a pill-shaped pattern and a circle, isolated by a little space, and covered by the dark ‘island’. The partition region is loaded up with pixels; obvious on the grounds that the iPhone can involve them for things like its security notice. The whole surface of the Island is delicate, you can use motions to get music, Guides, Find Myhone lock status, and calls, and that’s just the beginning.

Refresh Rate 

The default refresh rate seems 60Hz, and for the most part, everything looks as it should on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple presented ProMotion with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, racking up the screen refresh rate to 120Hz. Presently, the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and Pro) offer a significantly more extensive versatile range, which can go from 1z to 120Hz. This will offer smooth movement for upheld recordings and games, while lower refresh rates (down to 10Hz) turn out for additional static pages.

Apple has approached carrying out this element another way to the Android breakup returning to a worked-on high contrast screen, Apple depletes a large portion of the brilliance and a significant part of the variety, yet leaves noticeable data like the date, time, center mode, device subtleties, and photographs you could have as your lock screen.

We are delighted in seeing this data in a single spot without expecting to contact the phone, however, maybe a future iOS 16 update will carry the capacity to thin this component down: maybe a clock and a solitary device, as opposed to the full suite or nothing. 

The normal brilliance is 1,000 nits, yet it can get to 1,600 nits for HDR, and outside will push the nits to daylight beating 2,000 nits. Remember, however, that daily outside with the screen siphoning that much brilliance implies your battery won’t last that promised 29 hours. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max  AT&T Mobility

The updated camera cluster, at last, brings pixel binning to the iPhone – a most loved feature in various Android devices, which consolidates brilliance and variety of information from (at least four) pixels on the sensor for improved low-light execution and variety accuracy.

The 12MP ultrawide camera actually offers a field of perspective of 120 degrees, which is ‘wide enough’ in our books, and the quality is improved with a much bigger sensor and more center pixels. This is reflected in more splendid and more dynamic wide-point photographs and significantly great photography, which likewise utilizes the new ultrawide focal point.

Optical Zoom

Apple can’t be that as it may, appear to sort out some way to give us more than 3x optical zoom, even as competitors are offering 10x optical and 100x ‘Space Zoom’. We would have made it with 5x optical zoom.

A consistently in plain view that can revive at only 1Hz to save battery has been bound to happen. Apple has been well behind the opposition in executing this component, however, at any point, it’s done it on its own as it would prefer.

There is some sensible worry about what so much swiping across the front camera could mean for selfies, yet basically, there’s an oleophobic covering to smudge the central point.

For the primary camera, Apple has gone with a 48MP sensor albeit this is, even more, advancement as opposed to a title number, as you’ll see underneath.

This sensor is, incidentally, matched with an incredible focal point. You can also shoot in 48MP ProRAW mode, which is perfect for pro shooters.

Rather than more noteworthy zoom, you get an in-the-middle-between level of 2x optical zoom, which is surprisingly valuable, particularly in light of the fact that the zoom is simply utilizing a focal piece of the full 48MP sensor; no pressure, a marquee from the principal sensor that gives you enough data to draw nearer without losing any quality, as you would with a computerized zoom.

Effective A16 Bionic

Between the new presentation innovation, more effective A16 Bionic, and the size of the 14 Pro Max, we hoped for something else than the 13 hours of blended use battery duration we got – albeit this can be improved while eliminating the consistently in plain view.

Controlling the entire show is the new A16 Bionic chip. It’s an overhaul from the A15 Bionic (which, as referenced, lives on in the iPhone 14 and 14 Or more), with 16 billion semiconductors and a more modest, more proficient 4-nanometer process.

The benchmarks, and this present reality execution, seem to substantiate the strength of this new Apple silicon, which ventures into pretty much every side of iPhone 14 Pro Max execution (photographs, the consistently in plain view, and the Powerful Island).

Further testing inside with the screen kept on an entire day and generally, the online video brought about basically twofold that 13-hour figure, and a lot nearer to Apple’s assessed 29 hours of real-time video execution.


Apple’s most memorable eSIM-just iPhone (in the US, at any rate – the SIM space lives on in different business sectors). It’s a special addition satisfying to lose the SIM plate, and fortunately, the eSIM system was very simple.

While we could encounter the new eSIM, we didn’t – for clear reasons – test the new accident recognition include, nor the new crisis satellite SOS. We saw the last option in real life, however – to a greater degree toward that in the full survey further down.

iPhone 14 PRO MAX Cameras

Apple required a long time to present a 48MP quad-pixel primary camera sensor like this, indeed a genuinely new thing. True Depth camera takes on self-adjustment, iPhone 14 Pro Max’s (and iPhone 14 Pro’s) camera exhibit might appear on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The focal points and sensors are unique. These sensors take the information of different pixels. Consolidate them into one greater, more extravagant powerful pixel for improved varieties and low-light execution.

iPhone 14 PRO MAX Cameras

 48MP crude configuration

On the iPhone 14 Pro Max, a great many people will shoot in 12MP mode. To empower full 48MP crude configuration shooting you need to dive into the settings, which will add the ‘crude’ choice to the camera interface. Shooting in Crude doesn’t seem to have a lot of effect on picture quality as seen on the iPhone’s display. However, that is on the grounds that truly planned pro shooters need to control uncompressed pictures in, for example, Photoshop.

Crude pictures are put away as huge DNG documents on the iPhone. Opening such photographs in Photoshop’s Camera Crude manager, allows you to change the picture in minute detail, for a few staggering visual outcomes. You can also alter crude pictures in the iPhone’s local camera application, or download Adobe Lightroom to your iPhone for significantly seriously altering control in a hurry. The 48MP sensor fills another need. There’s currently a 2x optical zoom choice in the iPhone camera application.

video capacities 

Apple has additionally updated the series’ video capacities to help 4K 30fps Film mode, which looks astounding. The new Activity mode is a valuable device, the length of which you comprehend that it smooths out the very precarious video by wisely editing it on film. It’s great, however, regardless of whether we realize how frequently we’d utilize it.

Strangely, Apple has elected not to present 8K video recordings and 8K recordings could rapidly top off even the biggest iPhone stockpiling limit, and for what?

Certainly, professionals would probably get, used to this element, however, we believe we’re essentially a year from that being a genuinely necessary component, particularly as it would come at the expense of capacity.

Picture Quality

As a general rule, Apple’s camera framework and picture catch capacities stay top level, meaning it holds Apple’s title of offering one of the most incredible camera phones available, with wonderful pictures from the 48MP sensor, and improved large-scale mode shots.

Pictures look better due to Apple’s new Photonic Motor (innovation nitty gritty in our committed iPhone 14 camera explainer). Low-light pictures and night-mode photographs of a brilliant sky look better and this is the reason.

Release Date And Price

Basically, Apple and its partners are offering some nice iPhone 14 systems. There are even $1,000 exchange deals in the US, however, Apple and its partners need to confirm the exchange value.

128GB: $1,099/£1,199/AU$1,899

256GB: $1,199/£1,309/AU$2,099

512GB: $1,399/£1,529/AU$2,419

1TB: $1,599/£1,740/AU$2,769

Pre-orders started off on September 9, and three individuals from the line (that avoids the In addition, which showed up on October 7) are accessible to purchase as of September 16. Apple disclosed its whole iPhone 14 line – the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Or more, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max – on September 7, 2022.

The 14 Pro Max begins at $1,099/£1,199/AU$1,899 for the 128GB model, yet you can get it with up to 1TB of stockpiling. Dissimilar to most Android phones, there are no choices for extra memory of generally 6GB.

Nonetheless, while the cost has continued as before as the iPhone 13 Pro Max in certain regions, our UK perusers should tolerate a really powerful cost climb year on year – this is now an extremely expensive phone if you have any desire to go for the 256GB that we figure a great many people must think


With a new look display without the indent, unique size, a pro design, Superb new deep Purple finish. The iPhone 14 Pro Max could be confused with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s simply comparative. In any case, there are a few contrasts. With the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and the 14 Pro), you get Apple’s superior material experience; and that implies a cleaned hardened steel outline, with iridescent glass on the back and front.

At 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85mm, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is marginally more limited and smaller than the last iPhone, and a hair thicker. Absolutely no part of this is observable when you check out or hang on; maybe that is on the grounds that, at 240g, the weight is unaltered from the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Front Display Design

The front display is protected by Apple’s transparent Ceramic Shield, which must protect it from harm (we didn’t drop or deliberately scratch the screen to test it, however in late drop tests it showed that the front of the iPhone is plainly better ready to oppose drops, where the back glass is less so.

Things like the button position for power/rest/Siri, the volume controls, and the quietness switch are indistinguishable from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The large distinction, normally, is the absence of a SIM opening on our test device. It makes for a cleaner, really satisfying look.

Bottom View

On the bottom of the iPhone strong sound system speaker (with the second, display-based speaker, they got to 85db in our tests), and mic grilles appear to be identical, as does the in some way enduring Lightning port. In general, it’s dusty and waterproof. We ran the phone through a sprinkler shower – it stood flawless, and we enjoyed it.


A fast note about the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max’s speaker framework. Its two sound system speakers – one on the base edge of the phone and the other at the extremely top edge of the screen – can produce clear and sharp sound, but at the same time, they’re fit for spatial sound. This can be genuinely great while watching Dolby Atmos-supporting substances, similar to Netflix’s The Adam Project.

Match the new iPhone 14 Pro Max with these buds and watch a film in Spatial Sound – and the drenching is great. Apple Music has a broad spatial sound choice and we adored paying attention to the Elton John, Dua Lipa Cold Heart remix. Spatial sound puts the sound generally around your head, with the goal that a spaceship can seem as though it’s flying in from the left half of the screen and afterward off to the right side

Fortunately, call quality is astounding. This is also a 5G phone, and that really intends that, when you have the network, you get heaps of high-transfer speed information. Our Verizon model, tried in the US, wasn’t generally sufficiently fortunate to see as great 5G, be that as it may.

Battery Timing And Charging

 iPhone 14 Pro Max has 26 hours conceivable with restricted, indoor use continuously on and in the open air, super brilliant use diminishes battery duration hard. We found the iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t have the battery prowess of its ancestor, which was a failure that basically came from the consistently in plain view, or involving the phone outside in strong, splendid circumstances.

Apple hasn’t uncovered the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max battery, it may be more modest than the past Pro Max’s (4,323mAh versus 4,352mAh). However, promising a higher 29 hours of video playback (contrasted with the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 28-hour playback); apparently acquiring a touch of battery duration on account of the more effective A16 Bionic chip. 

So, we tracked down that involving the phone outside in brilliant daylight and playing out a wide assortment of undertakings – taking photographs, playing recordings, gaming, and web perusing – implied the battery duration fell far beneath the expected entire day of execution. It was more like 13 hours. Inside, for the most only video – even with the consistently in plain view terminating was a completely unique story. We got 26 hours of playback.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max – which can be accused of MagSafe and Qi chargers doesn’t have super quick charging capacities. All things considered, Apple says it can re-energize to half quickly with a discretionary 20W charger (the phone ships with a USB-C-to-Lighting link, however no charging block). In our tests, we got 47% in a short time. Furthermore, as we’ve addressed a couple of times, the iPhone 14 series doesn’t include USB-C, we suspect that is presently held for the iPhone 15.

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