Kasol And Kheerganga – The Beauty Of Nature

Kasol and Kheerganga are two spots in the Parvati valley which are accumulated by the vacationer the entire year and is there any valid reason why they shouldn’t be? 

Parvati valley has incredible importance on the off chance that we pass by Hindu folklore and some might call this place a journey yet for the other half, Kasol remains as an objective with extraordinary experiences and spot for getting little genuine feelings of serenity too. 

Making a beeline for Kasol, you’ll see one thing very obvious in the environment and that is the color of Israeli culture, food, and Israeli strength. The explanation is that this spot is concealed by Israeli explorers more often than not and that Kasol has acclimated to serve their necessities. 

Kasol serves up as an end-of-the-week excursion, an explorer trip, a trek, setting up camp objectives and one can even partake in a more drawn-out length in the Parvati Valley. There are different spots to investigate too, for example, close by towns like Tosh, Chalal, Malana, and more. 

In case you are one of the individuals who have been intending to visit Himachal or in any event, getting ready for a Kasol kheerganga trip then this is a smaller than expected aid on what to do when you’re in Kasol for somebody very much like you. 

How to arrive at Kasol And Kheerganga? 

Kasol is arranged in Himachal and the typical course to take for Kasol is to hop on a transport Going to Manali and take a ticket up to Bhuntar, which is a couple of stops before Manali. 

After arriving at Bhuntar, you can eat or rest for some time, and Cafes in Bhuntar are impressively modest when contrasted with Kasol, so assuming you’re a spending explorer, get your tummies topped off here first. 

The following thing is to take a transport from Bhuntar going towards Kasol, which will require about an hour to reach there and in the meantime, you can appreciate awe-inspiring streets, outside air and lavish green valleys combined with mountains everywhere. 

Presto! On the off chance that you’ve followed each progression effectively, you’ll be in Kasol as of now. In any case, assuming you’re not in a hurry, you’d be by and large where you were 5 minutes sooner. 

Renowned Places to Visit In Kasol 

Kasol is renowned as an end-of-the-week escape and it comes up on each hiker’s rundown of must-visit places. The best thing about Kasol is that it is a finished bundle for each sort of explorer, be it a young person out on a performance trip or an old couple looking for journeys across India, no one gets back from Kasol without glad recollections. 


Kheerganga is a well-known objective among the voyagers visiting Kasol or Parvati valley. The claim to fame of this spot is the heated water spring at the highest point of the Kheerganga trek, which is around 5 hours in length, and who wouldn’t have any desire to plunge in a hot water spring after a trek that long. 

One can likewise camp in Kheerganga and partake in the peaceful perspective on nature from its center and partake in a portion of the mind-blowing sees that you will not go anyplace. 


Chala is renowned among the explorers for its radical culture and in case you are somebody going on a careful spending plan, a hardcore partier, or love to spend time with cool similar individuals, then, at that point, Chalal is the spot for you. 

The lodgings here are similarly less expensive than those you’d get in Kasol or Kheerganga, so it compensates for a decent resting spot for the spending explorer. The daze parties that are coordinated are fairly the primary fascination among the youths, who’d love to chill as the night progressed. 


Malana is popular for its Hashish and in case you are one of the individuals who are taking off to Kasol for getting high, Malana is your spot. 

This is anything but a mystery that Kasol is mainstream among the youths who are knee-profound into medications and need to improve. After all, Malana is the center point of ‘Malana Cream’ which is mainstream for its quality and is sold at exorbitant costs across the globe. 


Tosh is renowned for its wild soul and tranquil magnificence, entering Tosh one could without much of a stretch identify the smell of Marijuana in the environment and well! Hear some daze music nearby. 

It’s an objective for party sweethearts like Chalal is nevertheless a bit high on the value range and the gatherings are somewhat better here if you realize what the celebrating principles are in Kasol. 

Youths can come and experience a plunge in the embodiment of fun while they are in Kasol yet regardless of whether you are one of those adolescents that are anticipating having a good time, it’s in every case better to know your cutoff points and stop when considered significant, in any case, the decision is forever yours. 

Pulga Village 

Pulga town is well known for the serene and quiet climate that it gives and while remaining at Pulga town, you may get away from the rushing about of the advanced world because of an absence of present-day offices however you experience real essence. 

This is an absolute necessity to visit places for backpackers and you should visit the spot in case you are somebody who couldn’t want anything more than to associate with town individuals and invest some alone energy drinking tea and reading books, you should visit Pulga Village once in the course of your life.

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