Managed Printing Solutions For Universities – Advantages To Know

Managed Printing Solutions: Educational institutes always need viable solutions to bypass printing problems. Whether you talk about K-12 schools or multi-campus universities, the story goes all the same for everyone. Talking specifically about universities, they need to employ managed printing solutions at the campus to dedicate their full attention to teaching. It has not been feasible for universities to find multifunctional printing devices since then. This post will reveal a few advantages of managed printing solutions for universities that you should know if you are in the education business. Keep scrolling to learn more! 

Advantages of Managed Printing Solutions For Universities:

Educational institutes like universities should utilize proactive managed printing solutions to reduce printing costs. Moreover, they can also grab multiple other benefits like data security and compliance. We have compiled a few advantages of managed printing services for multi-campus universities.

1. Reduced printing costs:

Printing costs can be a huge setback for educational institutes, and reducing them takes some creative minds. However, if you opt for managed printing solutions, you don’t need a creative mind. Universities are well-off with these printing solutions for reduced costs and can improve their budgeting process. 

Universities spend a lot on printer toners, but the cost can be allocated to another project with managed printing solutions. Printing company providers can take care of the print environment, keep tabs on usage and analyze results. Print policies and rule-based routing can help these institutes reduce costs on departmental scales. 

Double-sided or greyscale printing are extra features that educational sectors can opt for to reduce costs. Moreover, restrictions like no printing after school hours can also reduce unwanted costs. 

2. Enhanced ease of use:

Educational institutes like universities can opt for managed printing solutions to enhance printing output without sacrificing usability. Multifunctional printers are easy to use as the IT staff, faculty, and students will face no technical complexities during a print. To explain it further, what is the point of having an innovative and advanced printing device if no one can use it? It will never make sense! 

The user-friendly software in a multifunctional printing machine can help students and IT staff perform actions easily. Various equipment like printers, scanners, and multifunction devices are connected to a simple interface for maximized ease of use. Do you want a real-time view of your printing environment with an easy-to-use printing machine? Consider contacting Printer Rental services in Dubai and opt for a tech-savvy printing device! 

The user-friendly dashboard in these printing devices can provide users with the following insights. 

  • General security activity 
  • Printer error notifications 
  • Environmental impact report 
  • Toner levels
  • Trend information
  • Real-time statistics

3. Convenient and accessible printing:

Another excellent advantage of multifunctional printers at your educational institute is convenience during the printing. K-12 schools and advanced educational institutes need easy-to-use hardware that produces quality materials and empowers educators and students to rapidly and dependably plan and find materials for their lessons. Teachers and students can print their materials without fear, as the toner will never go out of order. 

With a portable printing setting, educational offices can empower printing utilizing the organization or send print tasks/documents somewhat over the web. Instructors can print showing materials while enjoying their morning cup of joe without expecting to get to a PC. A multifunctional printer will ensure the teachers and students have their notes ready before the bell rings. 

4. Bolster data security:

Universities must protect sensitive student information during their printing endeavors, and modern-day printers can help. Adhering to data security principles is essential and educational institutes should take care of these elements. Managed print solutions are equipped with end-to-end security encryptions, and students/staff will be more than happy with this feature. Administrators and educators can enjoy appreciation by keeping their students’ data secure. 

A secure print release is another excellent security feature with a multifunctional printing device. The feature ensures document security and protects unprinted documents from falling into the wrong hands. The documents are first put into the holding state until an authorized person releases them. Print jobs are usually released manually using the following:

  • Fobs
  • Employee credentials
  • QR codes
  • Access control cards
  • PIN codes 

5. Compliance with standards:

Printing devices in universities must meet specific standards to protect students’ data. Any device not meeting the standards and compliance means putting the entire campus data at risk. Why not avoid this issue by opting for a secure printing device? Do you want to take your printing endeavors to the next level? Consider renting a printing device from reliable Printer Rental Dubai companies! 

Compliance with standards is essential – especially for educational institutes with sensitive data. Students’ information and exam papers must be protected during printing endeavors, as nothing can make a bigger difference than this. 

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Take Your Printing Endeavors To The Next Level!

Printing tasks can test your nerves – especially in an educational institute. Taking care of the bulk and security is essential, and you must pay attention to these tasks. Consider contacting reliable printer rental companies and let them help you take your printing endeavors to the next level!

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