Mcleodganj – The Tibetan Cosmopolitan Food Amalgam

His Holiness the Dalai Lama lives in McLeodganj, the paradise of Dharamshala, making it a major sight for the Tibetan populace, including monks and nuns. Numerous international travellers, including pilgrims, peace activists, trekkers going to the Dhauladhar Mountains, and shopaholics looking to buy distinctive Tibetan items, are welcomed at the location. There are numerous exquisite eateries in Mcleodganj that are well-known for their mouthwatering fare and lively atmosphere.

You may anticipate restaurants in Mcleodganj to serve you a steaming dish of freshly prepared momos while you’re on vacation at a height of roughly 2,004 metres above sea level. However, the peaceful community is renowned for providing a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan culinary options. The cuisine in Mcleod Ganj is very astounding, and the original flavours improve the experience for tourists. In Mcleod Ganj, there is a tonne of restaurants, ranging from fine dining establishments to budget-friendly roadside stands.

Some of the Best Eateries to try in Mcleodganj!!

Shangrila Vegetarian Restaurant

In Mcleodganj, there is a vegetarian restaurant that serves traditional Tibetan food prepared using local, fresh ingredients at an affordable price. Because Gyudmed monastery monks volunteer to provide the services, this joyful eatery is a special venue to satisfy your usual cravings.


The traditional Tibetan cuisine served at this cosy, tiny eatery in Mcleod Ganj is prepared in a traditional manner, making it an intriguing destination for spice lovers. Even though tulpa is their most popular dish, chicken momos are also a must-order since they are among the best in the neighbourhood. The location is frequently busy with foreign tourists, but the freshly prepared momos served with a spicy dip are worth the wait of 15 to 20 minutes.

Nick’s Italian Kitchen

Nick’s Italian Kitchen is one of the most popular destinations for foodies visiting Dharamshala and is situated close to the town’s central square in McLeodganj. The best selection of Italian cuisine is available here, and the plentiful cheese and flavour combinations will keep you coming back for as long as you remain. Additionally, momos are offered here with locally created chilli sauce.


The greatest Barista coffee may be found at Mcleodganj’s Moonpeak, a multi-cuisine restaurant. They offer a unique gallery cafe that serves creative food, such as their special brown bread open sandwiches. Here, roasted aubergines cooked with tomato coulis and the gristle-prone mutton apricot curry are the most popular dishes. The majority of those occupying the space are foreign tourists.

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, which is situated on Bhajsu Road, is another great spot to get the tastiest pizza in all of Dharamshala. They offer a beautiful setup with two levels where you can sit on a bar stool and eat your freshly prepared food while overlooking the expansive views. The availability of more than 18 sauce options is what makes Jimmy’s Kitchen so well-liked. Don’t forget to sample baked potatoes with aubergine, baked chicken florentine, and tomato cream vodka chicken penne.

Green Hotel Restaurant

One of the most well-liked restaurants in Mcleodganj is the Green Hotel Restaurant, which also provides the ideal vacation hangout spot thanks to its plush couches and sunny terrace. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that caters to travellers, serving energising drinks and nutritious vegetarian meals. You can definitely reserve a table at the Green Hotel Restaurant if you’re vacationing here with your special someone and seeking a romantic escape.

Tibet Kitchen

Besides offering delectable regional cuisine, Tibet Kitchen in Mcleodganj is renowned for its wide selection on its menu. These include kewa dates, a fiery Bhutanese meal made with potatoes, beans, and chillies, and shapta, a local dish made with roasted lamb slices, capsicum, and onion. Although they don’t have a sophisticated setup and are located on Jogiwara Road, you will witness a lot of foodies enjoying their delectable meals here. It is one of Mcleodganj’s well-known eateries.

Carpe Diem

The ideal location to organise a night out with friends and family is Carpe Diem in Mcleodganj. Pizzas baked in an oven are the restaurant’s speciality, which you may savour while admiring the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. Carpe Diem is a popular destination for tourists because of its cosy setting, but their delectable chocolate cake, made especially for Epicures vacationing in Mcleod Ganj, is what really gets folks going.

Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant

Are you visiting this holy location as a sushi lover? If so, Mcleod Ganj will astonish you with its lively setting and the best sushi in the region. Even though they only have a vegetarian restaurant, you won’t regret going here. The best place for flavorful meals that are also budget-friendly is on Jogiwara Road. The most popular dishes in this region are miso soup and sushi rolls, which you can taste.

Planned yourself for Mcleodganj? But where to stay?!

If you are searching for a budget stay, then you can choose a hostel in Mcleodganj


Restaurants in Mcleodganj are those cosy, comfy spots where you’ll enjoy yourself even if you’re travelling alone. If you’re here with your wonderful travelling companions, you’ll also have a great time. In Mcleodganj, there are a variety of unique restaurants serving everything from traditional Tibetan food to world-class cuisine. Plan your trip to Mcleodganj with TravelTriangle to take advantage of the refreshing Himachal environment while on holiday.

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