New PS5 Model Internally Upgraded To More Efficient Motherboard And Battery 

New PS5 Model began showing up in Australia last month, and currently, YouTuber Austin Evans has analyzed the Internals of the new CFI-1200 model of the PlayStation 5 and found numerous changes. Recently Sony has internally upgraded its PS5 console which uses less power. Sony is now using a smaller motherboard for the PS5, with different efficient cooling, it has even changed the SSD nook. The New PS5 model has a more efficient motherboard and cooling system.

Changes In New PS5 Model 

The considerable change in the motherboard is a decrease in the weight, however no conspicuous changes to the outside of the PS5. It has narrowed by around two inches, and the cooling for the new PS5 model is shifted to an extra intensity pipe at the back and a more modest heatsink.

 We have never seen the latest cooling system like the new PS5 as Sony delivered a changed model last year with a more modest heatsink. The updated motherboard and heatsink on this 2022 PS5 presently weigh around 2.5 pounds as per Evans, which is a pound lighter than the first ps5 model.

CMOS Battery

Sony has likewise moved a ton of parts around with this new motherboard plan, and it implies the CMOS battery is presently totally stored away under the heatsink. It was exposed previously, making it simple to change out, however, Evans claims you’ll currently need to take down a PS5 to supplant the CMOS battery totally.

CMOS Battery
CMOS Battery

The SSD swordplay in the area has additionally changed in this new PS5 mode. It no longer has a PCB throughout the whole length, and on second thought has bare metal. We do not find any reason why Sony has changed this specific piece of the PS5 model, yet Evans surmises it could help with further developing dissemination.

New PS5 Model Cost

Evans expresses on Twitter “Sony shrank nearly everything including motherboard and the interior bundling to make it lighter and very likely less expensive (for them),”. The new PS5 model appears similarly as Sony has climbed its PS5 costs outside the US. Sony is expanding its PS5 costs in the UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Advantages Of The New PS5 Model

  • These progressions could amount to a few genuine advantages for the PS5. Evans guarantees this new PS5 model pulls around 20-30 watts less during gaming while conveying around a similar measure of disruption and intensity yield.
  • The most recent cycle of the PlayStation 5 has “shockingly unique” internals, as per a new-level video.
  • The new PS5 model has a ‘totally revamped’ inward plan, break shows.
  • Evans takes note that the new model has a “very surprising” motherboard which is discernibly more modest than that of the past models.
  • The new PS5 model’s heatsink is much more modest than that of the CFI-1100 model, yet it contains an intensity pipe that goes through to the opposite side of the framework, while Evans also noticed that the SSD nook presently has “superior” protection.
  • The new motherboard and heatsink lead to a weight decrease of much more than the 0.2kg revealed, yet the control center’s dark plastic shape has additional help added to it, bringing the load up marginally.
  • Evans also drew attention to that “they have moved around fundamentally every part, including the CMOS battery which is presently totally concealed by the heatsink.

New CFI-1200 Series Models Of The PS5

Evans likewise guarantees that the new model has more productive power usage, noticing that during a test in which each of the three test consoles was playing Astro’s Den, a model PS5 was drawing around 218 watts of power, last year’s CFI-1100 model was pulling around 229 watts and the new CFI-1200 was just pulling around 201 watts.

The new CFI-1200 series models of the PS5, presently at a bargain in Australia, weigh not exactly release consoles, to the degree that the standard release with the circle drive is currently however light as the computerized version might have been dispatched.


This is the second time the PS5 equipment has been reconsidered to make it lighter. In July 2021 Sony carried out its CFI-1100 series, which additionally weighed not exactly the project forms.

Each model’s weight is as per the following:


CFI-1000A (send off) – 4.5kg

CFI-1100A (2021) – 4.2kg

CFI-1200A (2022) – 3.9kg

PS Computerized Version (WITHOUT Plate DRIVE)

CFI-1000B (send off) – 3.9kg

CFI-1100B (2021) – 3.6kg

CFI-1200B (2022) – 3.4kg

This implies the new 2022 model of the PS5 standard release currently judges equivalent to the Advanced Version release.

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