NOC Managers Can Use These AI-Enabled ITSM Tools

Artificial intelligence is increasingly incorporated into ITSM products, allowing IT staff to be augmented, service complaints to be reduced and users to be more self-sufficient. Though these features may sound similar across tools, vendors offering ITSM products to support them include traditional as well as emerging providers.

NOC Functionality and AI-enabled ITSM Tools

AI-enabled ITSM systems typically include some form of machine learning, but they differ in other ways, such as the capacity to deal with large amounts of disparate data. The tools can consolidate data from a variety of IT and NOC functionality management tools, including those for network management, monitoring, and alerting. An analysis is another area of differentiation; these products promise to predict outages, detect patterns in records and determine the probable cause of an outage.

  1. ManageEngine

Product name: Zia

Zia is a conversational virtual support agent developed by Zoho for customers of ServiceDesk Plus. Zoho Corp.’s ManageEngine division provides enterprise IT & NOC management solutions. Zoho CRM includes Zia as part of its product offerings.

Zia can be accessed through desktop and mobile interfaces, and it works with voice calls through a mobile app. Using simple chat commands, Zia includes a set of pre-loaded actions that can trigger simple service desk tasks. Scripts and custom Zia actions can be saved and used right away with the serverless Zia developer console, which includes development and production modes.

  • Customers who use the ServiceDesk Plus platform can use Zia for free by simply enabling it. 
  • Any market can be the target market.
  • You can try the service for free for 30 days.
  1. Micro Focus

Product name: Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

Using AI and machine learning capabilities, SMAX offers automated service support for IT – NOC and non-IT processes, including:

Automated service requests are automatically accepted, classified, and routed using optical character recognition and machine learning.

Virtual agents are chatbots that can be integrated with live chat or emailed to consumers.

Using search and analytics, hot topic analysis allows service desk agents to view and analyze patterns in incidents, requests, and other records.

Change Analytics minimizes service outages and failures by making use of prescriptive analytics.

A fast entity will automatically recognize a configuration item in a change, incident, and request description.

Two suite editions are available for SMAX. SMAX Express specializes in enterprise service management, while SMAX Premium includes service management and asset management in addition to enterprise service management.

A core component of SMAX is AI, so it is not necessary to purchase additional modules or fees to take advantage of AI. Companies can deploy SMAX on-premises, in the cloud, and as a service, and it can be configured without writing code. SMAX supports 17 different languages.

  • Business end-users are served for free by managed services in the ratio of 1 to 1,000 named users; perpetual, subscription and pay-per-use licenses are available.
  • Large enterprises, as well as midsize and smaller companies, are target markets.
  • Trial licenses are available for on-premises installations for up to three months or SaaS installations for up to two weeks.
  1. Moogsoft

Product name: Moogsoft AIOps

The Moogsoft AIOps platform integrates ITSM tools with cloud management, performance monitoring, and DevOps configuration management systems for real-time visibility and automated workflows. No matter where events originate, where they are located, or what infrastructure underlies them, Moogsoft provides an integrated view of them. By continuously monitoring the performance metrics of service, and overseeing them using supervised and unsupervised learning, provides early detection of incidents.

Machine learning can identify which alerts are responsible for a situation by identifying probable root causes.

The Moogsoft NOC console is primarily used by the IT operations staff in a NOC or IT operations center. The software offers more than 60 OOB integrations, including support for many leading ITSM solutions. Moogsoft has patented 48 artificial intelligence algorithms to aggregate data, detect probable root causes, and visualize real-time service status.

  • Licenses are based on the number or volume of managed devices.
  • Specifically, Fortune 2000 enterprises and managed services providers are our target market.
  • You can try the service for free for 30 days.
  1. Serviceaide Inc.

Product name: Luma

The Luma ITSM tool is a virtual agent like a few other products in this comparison. With Luma, end-users experience better end-to-end ITSM, NOC, and the help desk is more productive thanks to machine learning and natural language processing. 

Users can present their issues using Luma’s conversational interface, rather than using technical language. Luma guides the end-user through the process of providing all the information needed to create a fully formed ticket. In addition, as soon as an issue is resolved, the tool notifies the end-user and closes the ticket, relieving the service desk agent of that task.

The Luma platform is offered as a SaaS, with features released every six to eight weeks. This tool offers 200 skills — Serviceaide’s term for a conversation with an end-user that results in a fulfillment action — and 20 automated workflows out of the box.

  • Luma licensing is based on the number of conversations that trigger an action, such as answering a FAQ, creating an account, or opening a ticket in the service desk tool. Transactions are typically in blocks of 5000. Each completed conversation is known as a “transaction.”
  • It is not disclosed what market the company is targeting.
  • The free trial period has not been disclosed.

Keep up with technology as it evolves

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing the number of end-points that need to be evaluated for vulnerabilities and monitored on an ongoing basis, in addition to computers, laptops, and smartphones.  Thus, such sophisticated network setups pose a challenge to human analysts.

Cybersecurity and NOC companies are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform vulnerability scanning and threat detection, which is faster and more efficient than manual inspection.

When you engage the services of cybersecurity specialists, who are continually adapting to technology, you can detect malicious activity and uncover vulnerabilities with greater accuracy.

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