3 Myths About Oiling Your Hair

Oiling Your Hair: Many of us have included oiling in our hair care routines but need to learn more about the ancient remedy. Many of us associate this practice with our grandmothers or mothers massaging our scalps with oil before going to bed. It’s almost as if we have ritualized the practice.

It’s so therapeutic. What do we know about oil other than the fact it is an ancient practice? An Instagram video by Dr. Aanchal Pant, a dermatologist addressing common misconceptions regarding oiling, was found. It is what you need to hear. You’re doing it wrong.

Myths About Oiling Your Hair

Myth #1: Oil should be applied overnight to get the best results

Fact: Most people believe that oiling hair overnight will make the oil more absorbent. Did you know that essential oils and most oils can quickly penetrate the hair, making them the best treatment? Dr. Sarna, Traya’s dermatologist, suggests that oil should be left on for about 1-2 hours to condition hair. It is possible to leave the oil on for longer periods of time and attract dirt and pollen, making it more difficult to remove. She says that oiling overnight can make skin conditions worse.

Myth #2: Oiling your hair will make it thicker, healthier, and faster.

Real fact: Hair care specialist Dr. Sarna says that only oiling is not enough for your hair growth. However, it is true that hot oil massage increases blood circulation in the scalp and relaxes our nerves. But if we think that oiling hair regularly can promote hair growth, then it is wrong. Excessive oiling can make your scalp greasy, dirty, and excess oil may cause dandruff, thereby causing dandruff and hair fall. Coconut oil or onion oil can only act as a conditioner and not stimulate hair growth. They protect the hair shaft from damage, such as pollution, by creating a protective layer. Dr. Sarna says oils can reduce frizz and dryness and add shine to your hair. Massaging your hair helps increase blood flow to the scalp and delivers the necessary nutrients to the scalp. But keep in mind that after hair massage, keep it for 30 minutes, then wash the oil off with any chemical-free shampoo to get clean, fresh hair. Keeping oil on your scalp for an extended time may weaken hair from the root and cause unnecessary hair loss.

Myth #3: Oiling is for the scalp

Truth: You’re wrong if you apply oil to your scalp. Your scalp produces natural oils (sebum), which keep it moisturized and nourished. Hair strands that lack this hydration become dry, frizzy, and more prone to breakage. Hair massaging can be great for your scalp because it increases blood circulation. Dr. Sarna recommends that hair oil be applied 4 to 5 inches from the hair roots. Dr. Sarna also suggests using a customized oil to maximize your champi session.

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Let’s get to the point.

The Dandruff is not reduced by oiling.

Fact: Dandruff is a problem that affects every Indian in our country. It doesn’t matter if it’s seasonal or persistent dandruff. Dr. Sarna says that dandruff can be caused by the fungus, disruption in sebum production, overusing styling products or heating products, or a combination of both. It is natural to reach for a bottle of oil. A dry scalp needs moisture. It is where you fall short. Your situation might worsen if you oil your scalp to remove dandruff. Instead, consult a dermatologist to find the best-medicated shampoos or lotions that contain ingredients such as ketoconazole.

Not every oil is good for every scalp.

Fail: A good hair massage can soothe nerves, but it’s not the oil that will help you relax. Dr. Sarna recommends that you use a light or a heavy oil treatment, depending on the type of your scalp. A light oil treatment should be used on oily scalps. This means that you only apply a small amount of oil to your hair once a week. Excessive oils can cause hair loss and block hair follicles. A dermatologist can help you determine the condition of your scalp and recommends that anyone with dry hair choose a heavier oil treatment.


Although there is a lot of misinformation about hair oiling, it is an effective method for maintaining healthy hair. It increases the hair’s tensile strength, making it dense. It also protects hair from damage from styling or heating products. It coats every strand of hair and prevents hair from breaking. It also improves hair growth by increasing blood circulation. A hair oil massage won’t grow your hair. However, regular practice and a healthy lifestyle will improve the quality of your hair. 

But if you have extreme hair loss with male and female pattern baldness, then oiling or any other superficial treatments may not work. In this case, you must go for a hair transplant from the best hair transplant clinic in India.

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