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PCR Test in Houston at Labwork

PCR Test in Houston at Labwork, RT-PCR test is the most valid test for COVID-19 diagnosis. Even after vaccination, you may get infected with COVID-19, so you need to get the PCR test. The effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccinations has not been established yet. The duration for which the vaccination stays effective is also not known. Moreover, it is possible to get infected with the COVID-19 infection again, after recovering from its previous infection. So, having an RT-PCR test is necessary if you ever suspect any symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

PCR Test Houston – Mobile Phlebotomy Service at Labwork, Houston

Labwork enables you to get a COVID-19 test anytime by offering the mobile phlebotomy service. An expert phlebotomist visits the living place of the individual who needs the test, to take a sample. This sample is then tested in the lab. Sample collection for the medical diagnostic tests must take place under the supervision of an expert to ensure maximum accuracy of the results of the test. At-home sample collection is not encouraged for diagnostic testing as it reduces the accuracy of the results. Labwork provides fast and convenient PCR test Houston.

When do you need an RT-PCR test? PCR COVID Test Houston

The risk of a false positive or false negative diagnosis is very low in the RT-PCR test. RT-PCR test results are required for:

·        Traveling

·        Before a surgery

·        As a confirmatory test after the rapid antigen test

RT-PCR Test Versus the Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid antigen test is also one of the diagnostic tests for the COVID-19 infection. However, the results of the rapid antigen test are not as credible as the RT-PCR test. Still, the rapid antigen test is a choice for large-scale testing for COVID-19 infection because it is less costly than the RT-PCR test. 

Rapid antigen test only takes 15 minutes in providing the results. Both the  RT-PCR test and the rapid antigen test check the nasal secretions sample. The process of the RT-PCR test takes longer, a minimum of 24 hours in delivering the results. The time for the PCR test can even be longer, taking up to several days if more people need to get the test. 

PCR Test for Travel Houston

PCR test is mandatory for all international travels. Labwork is providing PCR COVID test Houston. Moreover, Labwork frequently conducts free PCRtestst in Houston during the weekends and on holidays too. If you need a PCR test for travel to  Houston, Labwork is the right place.

Labwork is providing free PCR COVID Test in Houston. It also keeps on offering this test during the weekends and the public holidays. Generally, the RT-PCR test takes longer in delivering the results, such as 3 to 4 days and the wait can get longer depending on the number of individuals who need the RT-PCR test.  But the extensive staff and testing facilities at Labwork enable it to deliver the results of the RT-PCR test in 1 day only. 

PCR Test in Houston – Testing Facilities at Labwork

Labwork is a leading medical diagnostic lab in Houston serving proactively in the healthcare sector. At Labwork, every test procedure takes place under the supervision of a specialist, which ensures accuracy in the results of the test. Studies show that laboratory-based sample collection for lab tests provides more accurate results than at-home sample collection by the patient with a test kit. The vast specialties, latest technologies, and equipment at Labwork allow fast turnaround and rapid diagnosis. If you want to get a PCR test in Houston, Labwork is providing the test for free during the weekends and public holidays too.

PCR test and COVID-19

PCR test is the most valid test for diagnosing a COVID-19 infection. This test is more accurate than the rapid antigen test. Moreover, the RT-PCR test is also used as a confirmatory test to validate the results of the rapid antigen test. The rapid antigen test only opts when fast and less costly testing is the preference. 

PCR Test for Travel Houston

Having the RT-PCR test is compulsory for international travel. So, if you search PCR test Houston for traveling, Labwork carries out this test for free. 

RT-PCR Test After Vaccination

Even after getting the vaccination, it is possible to catch the infection. Hence, a PCR test is necessary if you suspect any symptoms of the COVID-19 infection, after receiving the vaccination. Labwork makes available PCR test for travel in Houston. Moreover, you may also be required to get a COVID-19 test before having surgery. COVID-19 infection can also be asymptomatic. Hence, having a timely diagnosis helps in the treatment of this infection. Antibodies test is not a diagnostic test for COVID-19, and it only determines the stage of the infection or effectiveness of the vaccination.

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