Popular Treks for Beginners in India

Treks for Beginners in India this guide will help you If you’ve chosen to start your first walk or you’re a beginner, select the one that’s right for you initially. A beginner might experience walking at high altitudes during these excursions. You’ll see beautiful green forests, rivers and towering mountains of the Himalayas when hiking.

Best Treks For Beginners In India

Har Ki Doon Trek

Har ki doon is such an incredible journey, simple to moderate, which attracts walkers worldwide. This hike is straightforward to walk with all the grandeur of the Garhwal area. Har Ki Doon is the most sought after route for the thrilling adventures of mountains, located at the base of Fateh Parvat.

This area is loaded with lovely orchids throughout the year. For 14 kilometres from Osla, Har ki Doon is a hard ascent. It sits on the banks of the Swargrohini peak and offers some magnificent panoramic views. Wander 2 kilometres further, at the base of the Swargarohini Mountain, you will reach the Jaundhar glacier. This area is a must-see because of its natural tranquilly.

How to get there:

Sankri is the first eight-day hiking trail. Located at 1950 mt. above sea level, this place overlooks the Garhwal Mountains in fascinating ways. You must walk on the valley from here to Taluka for five to six hours. Taluka is at the foot of the Himalayan mountains and has an extensive prairie. You will discover this wildflower-filled meadow throughout the spring. The true experience throughout this vacation is walking among the lovely flowers. There is a continuous 10-12 mile trek to the next location, Osla, the following morning.

Best time to visit:

If you visit this wildflower wilderness in the spring, which is the perfect period around April.

Kedarkantha Trek

 Kedarkantha Trek
Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha peak is one of India’s most popular snow-hopping destinations, given the untouched beauty of snowfalls and pine forests. With the winter snowfall, the view from the paths straight up to the summit of the Himalayas is a fantastic one. This is a fantastic walking path, which extends over 20 km, at a height of 3810 metres, or 12,500 feet.

It is not far and the hiking path is neither tiring, which allows the hikers to experience the adventure and beauty of the environment to their best even for the first time. This trip offers all the joys that a walker wants to encounter on his journey: beautiful and spectacular vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas, the rich vegetation, the diversified floral collection. Not only is the Kedarkantha trek the best place for adventurers to encounter exhilarating difficulties but also for nature lovers to take in nature’s beauty and appreciate its serenity.

How to get there: 

The Kedarkantha trekking is located in Western Garhwal in Uttarkashi and is popular as an easy trekking trip in the country with people unfamiliar and unfamiliar with hiking. For the trekking excursion, physical fitness is needed. Following a day of air conditioning, the trip to Kedarkantha commences from Dehradun.

Best time to visit:

Excellent during the winter months of December and January for the Kedarkantha tour.


Dayara Bugyal Trek

The lush wilderness is a wonderful place to ski in winter and extends over 28 sq km. Situated amongst the rolling snow-capped mountains, this lovely site. On this Dayara Bugyal hiking excursion in Uttarakhand, you may have a peek over the verdant alpine meadows of the Barnala Tal lake. The Dayara Bugyal Trek is covered by lovely oak trees and luscious green meadows, with a view of hut speckles, grassy beasts and high mountains. Wildflowers also flourish along brooks running across the wilderness.

How to reach: 

Dayara Bugyal is regarded as the most magnificent of all the mysterious treks in Uttarakhand. The walk leads us to a height of 10,000-12,500ft above sea level on the Uttarkashi quarter of Uttarakhand The journey begins in the little town of Barsu along the 32 kilometres from Uttarkashi Haridwar Gangotri Street. Accommodation may be found at one of Barsu’s residences overlooking the astonishing valley and snowy peaks on one side.

Best time to visit: 

Summer and fall are the right periods for this tour.

Indrahar Pass Trek

This tour allows you to get a close look over the picturesque mountains of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal. This walk takes you into the lush wilderness and the thick woods of Rhododendron. This trip offers you the opportunity to walk along the Gaddi Shepherds old track, which takes you on this hiking trail to pasture meadows in the upper Ravi Valley and Lahaul.

There are numerous bizarre vistas accompanying Trekking to Indrahar Pass. Take a fantastic panorama of Mani Mahesh Kailash’s sacred summit and the snow-packed Pir Panjal Range.

Coming from McLeodganj, in the Kangra valley, passing over the imposing snow-capped Dhauladhar Range finishing at Chamba, it is easy to walk over the Indrahar crossings, at an altitude of 4,500 ft.

Best time to visit: 

This trip starts with a gradual rise over the Himalayan area and becomes difficult. You will watch wild goats, leopards and Monal birds travel through the abundant places of nature. Between mid-May and June is the optimum time for this journey.

Kasol to Kheerganga Trek

The Parvati Valley is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most gorgeous locations. You just need 2 days to explore and rejuvenate your spectacular scenery from the inside. The Kasol to Kheerganga Trek is a revitalising adventure, which reveals not only the amazing Himalayan landscape but also the opportunity to learn more about the unique cultural heritage of people who live here. You will visit several settlements, and you will have unlimited possibilities to take photos in the background with snow-capped peaks.

From Barshaini, which is around 45 minutes away from Kasol, we begin this Kheerganga walk by road. You are carried from here to the village.

Also Read:

The mysterious thermal springs of Kheerganga will be cleaned away with all your weariness. To deal with the chilly temperature, you can step in there. You will be remembered for the unique experience of relaxing in a hot spring and enjoying the views of snow-covered peaks. You will be fascinated also by the views from around 13000 metres in altitude. In the middle of the snow-laden mountains, you may spend the night here. The second day’s journey from Kasol to Kheerganga provides you with another opportunity to appreciate what you may have missed on the first day of your hike.

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