What is Search Engine Optimization? And SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization known as SEO was started in the mid-1990s. And now it revolves a lot around Google and other search engines. Although we can argue that SEO and all its strategies began when the first website was published in 1991, or the first search engines were launched. SEO officially began in 1997 and Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz, introduced the Term to increase traffic and website visibility in search results known as Search engine optimization. 

Before gaining its Official name this term was  known with many different names such as:

Search engine Rankings

Search engine positioning

Website Promotions

Search engine Placement

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the position, traffic, and quality of a website. Basically optimized websites help search engines and users too, optimization leads to ranking, and when a website rank more people will go through it. SEO strategies help you to gain traffic and revenues.

SEO is made up of multiple elements, and practicing those elements means making the website more visible to your audience. Optimizing online content to make it more attractive to search engines.

Search engine optimization will help you to rank your website in organic search results to bring organic traffic. The term organic means the users visiting your website from Search engines, and if users are getting the exact solution of their search query they are more likely to convert.  

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the basic part of digital marketing and it is an inbound marketing strategy. Search results are presented in an ordered list and every business wants its visibility on the top of this list, here it works for business. SEO itself is a very profitable business with the best approach. As an SEO expert one can run his own business and rank it to generate leads.

Here is the list of reasons why your business needs SEO.

  • Increases Trust and credibility.
  • Improve  user experience
  • Increase  traffic and conversion
  • Build your  Brand awareness 
  • Helps you to understand your business needs
  • Drives the offline sale
  • Beats Paid Traffic
  • Helps You Gain Market Share
  • Increases your Social followers
  • Improve  website speed

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

 SEO Strategy is a process of planning and implementing steps to improve search engine rankings. There are three types of strategies used to increase space in search engine visibility.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

 On-page SEO is known as onsite optimization. It includes all the measures to improve your content for on-page optimization for search engines and users. It is the practice to improve all pages of your website in an optimized way to gain more relevant traffic in search engines. It works on the content and HTML source code optimization.

On-Page SEO includes optimization of the following factors

  1. Know your Keywords
  2. H1 with keyword
  3. Use different keywords on different pages
  4. Write high-quality content
  5. Publish constantly
  6. Use Keyword in page URL
  7. OptimizeTitle Tag  and Meta description (use Keyword)
  8. Image optimization (ALT tag and description)
  9. Update Content
  10. Outbound links (Increase trust signals)

Benefits of OnPage SEO 

On-page SEO helps search engines to realize the purpose of your website and its content. it identifies whether your content meets the user search need or not if your content is relevant to the search query then there are more chances to rank higher.  As search engines focus on relevancy and semantics in (SERPs).

These are some on-page Search engine optimization benefits;

  • Higher Ranking in SERPs

On-page SEO  improves ranking for a website, optimizing content improves page speed it helps you a lot to get a higher ranking in Search Engine Results Pages.

  • Advanced Crawl Rate

When a search engine crawler visits a website, it goes through the entire website’s content i.e text, images, videos, and stores it in a database. When the crawler finds optimized content it boosts your rankings.

 You can increase your crawler rate by 

  1. Adding new content regularly.
  2. Decrease site load time.
  3. Index sitemaps help you to increase the Google crawl rate.
  4. Improving Server response time.
  5. Keep Unique content.
  6. Adding Robots.txt keep unwanted pages away from users
  7.  Optimize media content
  • Boost Organic Traffic

To increase organic traffic on your website you have to optimize for search engines and for users as well. Use long-tail keywords to make your content easily reachable to your target audience. Use internal linking to make searches easy for your use as internal linking improves SEO scores.

  • Increase Long-Term Page Value

  On-page SEO makes web pages more valuable for search engines. Using keywords increases the long-term value of your website. URL with keywords provides you estimated traffic when keyword comes in searches it increases your CTR.

  • Increases Conversion Rate And Earnings

If you want to increase conversion and earnings you have to optimize your content after proper keyword research. Always choose keywords having high search volume and low competition. Improving conversion will increase your sales and traffic.

  • Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR)

You can improve your CTR to get higher rankings and SEO scores. Some steps help you to gain desired results

  • Proper Keyword Research.
  • Make your site easily reachable to the target audience.
  • High-Quality content.
  • Best quality Landing Page.
  • Never forget relevancy.
  • Speedier Website 

For better user experience keep your website speed super high users never wait for low-speed websites. For best SEO Practices use Google page speed insights and follow their results to get the search engine desired speed. A website with slow page speed decreases your CTR, conversion and most importantly you lose your sales. Slow speed gives a negative impact on users and affects your indexation. 

  • Brand Awareness

On-page SEO helps you to build your brand, integrating branding and SEO gives you organic traffic and you can find your niche targeting an audience. The best strategy will grow your business and brand image and increase brand reach. you can increase your brand awareness by using;

 Long Tail keywords

  Link Building as a Strategy.

Targeting niche audience

Promote Brand Image

Optimized brand Content

Before starting On-page SEO, the very important thing to keep in mind is its step-by-step process to get better results. It will improve your search results and boost the rankings of your website. As long as your website is beneficial for your user, your web pages get higher ranks in search engine results. Because Google wants to make its users happy on their visit to your website. When users are satisfied with their desired content on your site they spend more time and it increases your value.  

Technical SEO 

The process of fixing on-site issues and optimizing your website for search engines is called Technical SEO. It covers all UX and content-related tasks. The main goal of technical Search engine optimization includes Website structure, Rendering, Indexation, and gaining organic traffic. It’s a clear definition, but you can think of it as the crossway between web development and marketing.

Importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important as it tells Search engines that we have high authority websites. where on-page SEO tells search engines about web pages and their content quality Technical SEO helps search engines to track signals to query relevant results.

Implementing Technical SEO Strategy provides the following results

  • Rich Snippets in Search Results.
  • Position-Zero Search Results.
  • Technically Identify Content duplication.
  • Make your site easily crawlable for search engines.
  • Reduce  SEO Costs 
  • Decrease page load time
  • Improved website Display and Layout Across Social Media
  • Increase your audience Reach Across all Channels.
  • Increase Search Engine Ranking by examining backlinks and internal links check 
  • Removing Dead links boost your ranking

You can perform a Technical SEO Audit to find the technical issues of your website it enhances the user experience of the website. Follow these steps to know the technical issues of your website.

Manual Google your website.

Crawl Your Website.

Make Sure you have a Unique Version of Your Site on the web browser.

Fix Sitemap

Conduct On-Page Technical SEO Checks.

Deeply analyze Internal and External Links.

Check Your website Site Speed using Google page speed insights

Check Your website Site Speed using Google page speed insights

utilize Your Analytics and evaluate Site Metrics.

An effective technical SEO is critical for an SEO strategy, remember technically fit websites enhance your business and their performance helps in driving organic traffic. The best strategy requires testing technical parameters frequently for fixing bugs so that they can be noticed and resolved quickly.

Local SEO 

 Local Search engine optimization means optimizing your website or business for a specific local area. When you are running a local business and serving any specific geographical area. You want to become more visible in local address search results so you can get benefits from Local SEO, but How? Let’s discuss in details 

A strategy that helps your business be more visible and raise your brand, increase your sales and attract your clients towards you is known as Local Search engine optimization.

If you want to find that your business is visible in local searches, you can identify it by simply searching for keywords. You think your customers are finding your products and services. During keyword search, if Google Maps shows your business then you need Local SEO.  Any Business that locally exists can benefit from local SEO to increase its revenue.

It makes your business easy to find for your customers. They can find your exact location and all necessary information about your products and services. This helps them to make quick decisions. You can also optimize your Google my Business Listing  to improve your rankings

Business Types:

  • Medical Services Provider. 
  • Wholesale
  • Real estate.
  • Law offices.
  • Bars. 
  • Restaurants.
  • Plumbers.
  • Pet services. 
  • Shopping Malls

 How Local SEO Affects Your Business

  • Boost Your Business
  • Convert Clicks into Sales.
  • Connects you With your Local Customers.
  • Gives you Organic Traffic. 
  • Best customer Reviews.
  • Trust and belonging. 
  • Keep Competing. 
  • Business visibility on Google Map. 

 Local SEO Factors:

  • Physical Address
  • NAP Consistency in your Citations
  • Google My Business Categories
  • Quality of Citations
  • Domain Authority of Website
  • Product/Service Keywords in Google My Business- Keyword+Brand Name
  • Google My Business Landing Page Title
  • HTML NAP matching Google My Business Location NAP
  • Click-Through Rate from Search Results.

 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO 

  1. Setup Google My Business Account. 
  2. Regular Reviews from Happy Clients
  3. Voice Search Optimization. 
  4. Create Content Based Local Events. 
  5. Mobile-Friendly Website.
  6. Keywords with location (software company in Johar town Lahore)
  7. Location-Specific “About Us” Page.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page  Search Engine Optimization refers to all the activities that are done outside of your website to raise your rankings in search engines. Its techniques are used to drive organic traffic and raise brand awareness. Off-page SEO includes links building, social media strategy, and influencer marketing. It is tremendously useful because it gives your site a boost and makes it quality search best for search engines. Every link that you receive from others helps you to increase your Domain authority.

Off-Page SEO Activities

Every website can gain the best results from Off-Page if  you perform these activities

  • Have a responsive social media presence.
  • Link Building is the backbone of Off page.
  • Do Guest posting.
  • Add an RSS Feed Subscription Box.
  • Build Relations with webmasters and influencers.
  • Do comment Blogging. 
  • Contextual Links.
  • Backlinks from high DA websites.
  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Content Marketing
  • Newsletters

Search engine optimization Tools:

Search Engine Optimization tools provide data of website overall health and performance and speed etc. these tools are used to find those hidden issues of a website that are preventing it from ranking on search engines.

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

We hope this detailed guide about Search engine optimization will help you a lot for more information, keep visiting.

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