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Top 10 Tier Curtains You Should Have in Home

The traditional use of tier curtains was in the kitchen or dining rooms. But now you’ll find them having many uses while interior designing. They bring all the elements of the room like flooring, walls, and carpet together.

These curtains work according to your preferred choice and the type of window it is hung on. If you want privacy and even daylight you can easily opt for single-tier curtains. These curtains are easily hung from the upper end of the window to the lower.

What is a Tier curtain?

Tier curtains are also called cafe curtains. These curtains hangṣṣ perfectly to the center of the window to the lower end.  They allow a perfect amount of light in the room from the upper part of the window.

Just like every other curtain, tier curtains are fixed with the help of two panels per window. If you need more light you can easily move the panels and let the entire bottom be covered. These curtains are mainly made of lightweight sheer and lace fabrics.

Who introduced these curtains were white in color, but with trends and demand you’ll find them in many colors and patterns. These curtains are ideal for bathrooms as they let natural lighting and good privacy.

Though you can’t get them installed in the bathroom as they don’t cover the whole window. But those who want to wake up in the sunlight can get these in your room. Those who have their workplace at home can ideally get these curtains installed in that place.

Tier curtains are perfect for those rooms where you want sunlight and privacy from curtain fabric wholesalers, neighbors, and pedestrians. As these curtains don’t need opening and closing they can be perfect for areas where furniture is right in front of windows

These curtains can easily be draped over full-length curtains for privacy at night, you can open these full-length curtains during the daytime. This draping looks really aesthetic.

These curtains can be custom-made or even get near your place. They are attached with hooks and are drawn to expose the window below them. To install them you’ll be needing two sets of brackets for each rod per side.

Tier Curtain Materials

  1. Polyester tier curtain

Polyester is resilient, economical, and sturdy which makes it a popular choice for tier curtains.  Polyester fabric is crease resistant, and doesn’t shrink, or even stretch which results in low maintenance. For those who are buying curtains for the first time, this is a perfect choice for the theme.

This fabric is perfect for bedroom curtains. As the polyester fabric is flammable which makes it is a not good choice for the kitchen. Polyester even absorbs odors and restricts airflow. Polyester comes in many different colors, styles, and designs, you can choose one according to your preference. If your home is in a high-traffic area or you have kids at your place avoid using lighter tones as stains from polyester are harder to remove.

  • Linen tier curtains

For airy rooms, modern living rooms, or dining areas, linen fabric tier curtains are perfect. Linen is a translucent fabric that allows it to let natural light seep into the room. Linen being a lighter fabric hangs beautifully. Linen curtains should always be dry-cleaned and hung properly to avoid creases.

  • Silk tier curtains

Silk being a heavier tier, hands beautifully and create a vibe of romance in the room. These curtains are perfect for bedrooms and dining areas. Silk curtains should always be dry-cleaner which makes it a long process of curtain cleaning. Silk gets faded a lot when exposed to direct sunlight, so it is recommended to use these where windows have window shades or you can use lighter tones.

  • Cotton tier curtains

For both traditional and modern decor, cotton or cotton blend tier curtains are perfect. They bring freshness and let the drape fall beautifully. You can easily hand them in bedrooms or your living area. By using cotton sheer drapes you can keep the room bright and breezy. These are easy to clean and are perfect for a children ‘s bedroom too.

  • Lace tier curtains

Lace is a translucent fabric which makes it a really ideal fabric when you want a breezy feeling in the room. If you want to have a historical setting for your dining room, you can opt for lace sheer curtains for it.

These lace curtains usually come in ivory or white color which makes them easy to match any decor.

  • Blackout tier curtains

Curtains which are blackout are perfect for those who don’t want the light to enter their room, or where they prefer their kid to sleep. These curtains are backed with foam which resist the sunlight coming through. 

  • Velvet tier curtains

For places that are colder, velvet curtains are perfect for you. The thickness of velvet fabrics lets warmth inside. Velvet is a heavy material, which lets it fall elegantly but velvet as a fabric is a high-maintenance fabric. Velvet brings a charm to the rooms.

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Where do you hand tier curtains?

Tier curtains are hung from the top of the window to the bottom where the frame ends. The light passes from the top of the Windsor and gives you enough privacy. They are hung like other curtains, with two panels per window.

Make sure the measurements you take are precise as they hang from top to bottom. These rods of the curtains should be at least 1 foot apart from each other. To make it easy to handle.

How long should the tier curtain be?

The length of the curtain usually is 12 feet whereas the width is 7 feet. These can be customized according to the window but in general, they are 6 inches longer than the actual width of the window.

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