Walmart Retail Link Working And Importance

Walmart Retail Link is a reporting software developed by Walmart. which gives Walmart suppliers access to point of sale data, documentation, reports, and store information Walmart communicates through applications that suppliers use to run their business. Analysts use retail links every day to see working for Walmart suppliers. 

Walmart Retail Link is the online channel of sales and data inventory for distributors, it seems like a treasure chest of data that facilitates sellers to analyze their business and offer value-add suggestions to their buyers.

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, department, and grocery stores from the United States. Walmart was founded on July 2, 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas, the United States owned by the Walton family. Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart and Mr. Doug McMillon was appointed as its CEO (Feb 1, 2014–).

Walmart Retail Link
Walmart Retail Link

Walmart Retail Link Growth 

In 1991, Walmart expanded the functionality of its EDI-based network by introducing Retail Link, and 

In 2013 Walmart changed into the Retail Link® and now Walmart Suppliers use Walmart’s retail link. Before the retail link, only large companies had access to information but now all retailers have access to information.

Walmart’s director supervises the inventory and can speedily touch that seller who would take advantage of their approach to Retail Link.Walmart’s director supervises the inventory and can speedily touch that seller who would take advantage of their approach to Retail Link. by consumer purchases in local stores by point-of-sale cash register data. 

How To Login Retail Link?

Walmart retail link signing
Walmart retail link sign In.

Login to Retail Link ®

Simply Open Retail Link®’s homepage at

  1. You have to set your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768.
  2. United States providers should Chrome v49 or higher.
  3. International suppliers should use Internet Explorer.

How To Access Your  Walmart account?

  1. Go to the Walmart credit cards log-in home page. 
  2. Sign in with your username. You will see your security image. 
  3. Use your password and click the “Next” button to access your account.

Duplicate And Fineline In Retail Link

It is often asked that  “Do large retailers easily duplicate Walmart’s Retail Link?” Walmart can offload some of the cost of keeping its shelves full to vendors. “Fineline” refers to a group of products in any department that show similar sales patterns. Each product is in a Fineline determined by sales patterns. Walmart assigns a four-digit number to each Fineline. 

Get your Walmart Vendor ID

Walmart vendor ID is not visible in the supplier center. You can easily find it by going to the Manage Items option > download and getting the vendor ID from the downloaded sheet. This ID should be matched with your first distribution facility ID.

Walmart’s Supply Chain

Gartner called Walmart a “perennial supply chain powerhouse” in 2014 detailing and also said the company that the National Retail Federation ranks as the world’s top retailer in 2014 based on international sales has a “mature supplier collaboration process” supported by the latest technologies.

Joe Metzger, the Executive Vice President, looks at Supply Chain Operations, Walmart U.S. He is responsible for major Walmart distribution centers, fulfillment centers among other areas.

Walmart’s Retail Link system ships items to their local Walmart Stores and Walmart’s Retail Link is triggered by consumer purchases in local stores by point-of-purchase cash register data.

The company was managing supply chain issues by rerouting items to less congested ports and extending time to help drop cargo. They were adding supply chain issues resolving cost and labor to expenses, but they were being outgrown by sales.

Walmart’s Supply Chain Strategy

There are Four major Components of Walmart’s Supply Chain Strategy:

  • Vendor partnerships.
  • Cross-docking and distribution management.
  • Technology.
  • Integration.

Walmart Logistics System

Wal-Mart has several warehouses across the U.S that supplies good from their distribution centers to local store shelves with their own fleet of trucks. Walmart maintains in-house logistics‘ using its own private fleet of skilled truck drivers.

 Walmart supply chain
Walmart supply chain

The company welcomes its first-ever third-party logistics carrier full-time and Third-party sellers can offer to price competitive with Walmart’s listed price, or if a product goes out of stock, the seller can fulfill the listing. If an item sells out at the retail price, third-party sellers are quick to list their items for double, if not triple the price.

Walmart uses logistic techniques to make its distribution process more efficient this technique is known as ‘cross-docking. ‘ In this technique, Walmart directly picks the finished goods from the manufacturing plant of a supplier, sorted them out to deliver to the customers.

 Walmart And Amazon

Walmart ensures that its delivery experience matches with the vaunted  Amazon prime, in this effort they launch some programs. Walmart takes 6% to 15 % commission and their commission rates vary by category and total sales price. Like Amazon Walmart also have fulfillment services this functionality enables sellers to keep their inventory for shipment through Walmart’s fulfillment centers.

Walmart provides its fulfillment services in-house and by third-party logistic service providers. Within North America, It has its greatest private truck fleet having 6500 tractors and 55000 trailers. With its transportation provides Walmart logs about 700 million miles per year.

When we talk about scams there are many hackers who use the company names and try phishing scams to get information and spread malware and Walmart warns about scams on its website.

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