Why Enroll In our Online Quran Center?

Our Online Quran center was established in 2012 and we provide quality Islamic education to our kids and adults. Bilingual teachers are working day and night to upbringing the people as our next generation practical Muslims.

Under the guidance of qualified Huffaz and Islamic Teachers, the Quran Online center pays attention to quality education along with awareness of social values in the new generation.

In short, we can say that our online Quran center provides essential basic to advanced knowledge about Islam and Fiqah.

Courses Offered by Our Online Quran Center

Our online Quran Center works virtually to help people learn the Holy Quran around the world for newly converted Muslims or the kids and adults of the Muslims. 

  • Tajweed Qaidah
  • Quran Nazira
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Translation in Urdu
  • Ahadith and Islamic Knowledge

Special Features of Our Online Quran Center

Our online Quran Center has the following special features. Please keep in mind these while finalizing the Online Quran Academy courses.

100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our Teachers

Free Trial Classes for 3 days

Female Teachers for female students.

24/7 Flexible schedule.

All teachers are proficient in English, Arabic, and Urdu.

Well-tailored software for two-way communication

No Registration Fee

Get Certification on Completion of every course

Executive Sunday Classes for senior students.

Learning at your own pace.                             

Special 25% Discount on 2-months advance fee.

Final Verdict

Do you want to learn Quran Online yourself or your kids around the globe?

Do you prefer to set your own timing for learning?

Do you like an online Quran course with proper certification?

Then You should join our online program for Quran Learning. Register Now.

Welcome to our Online Quran Academy, the most dependable web-based Quran Center. We will assist you with tracking down a specialist Online Quran Tutor to gain proficiency with the Quran and educate yourself with Islamic standards. Our Quran Center has the best courses that will make Quran concentrate on a lot simpler for you.

Online Quran Academy

Quran Center Online

There is no age breaking point to take a crack at our courses. We invite understudies of all age gatherings to learn in our Quran Center. We show the understudies universally with the goal that no understudy stays from the Quran. Our internet-based Quran Center’s central goal is to spread the message of Allah to all Muslims. Assuming you need to look for earnest direction.

Online Quran Center
Online Quran Center 

Online Quran Center for All Muslims

Our Holy Quran Academy is a virtual Quran Center for all Muslims on the planet. Regardless of whether you need to take in the Quran from the fundamental or need to further develop your Quran information, you ought to pick us. Presently, you can gain any course from your place. We will likely assist you with the best Quran information.

Quran Study Center

You can check the course segment of our Quran Study Center. We offer an assortment of courses for Muslims, everything being equal. The understudies can take in the courses from any gadget like PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone. The Holy Quran is the best book of Allah and it is the resource of Muslims. Henceforth, become familiar with the courses and further develop your Quran information.

Our Online Quran Center Basic Course

This is the essential and most significant course that we offer at our Quran Academy Online. You will get familiar with the letters in order with their phonic sounds. We show Noorani Qaida in two phases. In the main stage, understudies will become familiar with the way to express the Arabic letters in the Arabic language. In the subsequent stage, we show Tajweed rules to the understudies.

After Basic Course

After Noorani Qaida with Tajweed, we offer Quran with an interpretation course. This isn’t intended for fledglings. The understudies who can peruse the Quran can take a crack at this course to comprehend the implications of the sections.

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