7 Great Things You Should Know Before Working As An Air Hostess

An Air hostess or a cabin crew or a flight attendant is a member of the aircrew by airlines to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, business flights, airline flights, and military aircraft. If you want to become an air hostess it is essential to familiarise yourself with their responsibilities during a flight. They have to be confident and disciplined. If you are exploring a career in aviation, here is a complete guide on pursuing your career as an air hostess. Candidates should ensure that their passport is up to date.


Throughout the whole journey starting from takeoff to landing process, an air hostess is responsible for many tasks.

The primary responsibility of an air hostess is to make sure that everyone on board is secure, safe, and comfortable. Before takeoff air hostesses go over the safety procedures.

The Air Hostess must look presentable and polite at all times. They must attend to passengers in a friendly manner.

Air Hostess’s presence of mind is vital in case of emergency landings. During the course you will get trained to keep calm and tackle panicked passengers on board, they must have strong willpower to face difficult situations.

Air hostesses must be prepared to work for long hours. Often flight delays occur because of technical issues and bad weather conditions which may lead to extended working hours.

Airhostess have pre-flight and other duties, they are responsible for inspecting and verifying the safety equipment and functionality. During the procedure, air hostesses are in charge of a comprehensive checkup so that passengers do not leave any belongings.


There is no doubt that air hostesses have many opportunities to travel. Choosing this career gives you opportunities to travel throughout India as well as abroad. After earning the bachelor’s degree and professional certificate you can launch your career as an Airhostess. There are some main categories for air hostesses.


Flight attendants demonstrate the use of safety and emergency procedures while flying and they need to look out for the safety of the passengers.

During the long-haul and short-haul cabins, staff provide comfort, and support to passengers and ensure safety.


The ground staff is responsible for attending to the needs of passengers during the flight. The ground staff is responsible for answering questions from passengers and providing information on the aircraft and they try to make sure they have no problems while in flight.


To become an Air Hostess is a dream job for many girls. This job profile fulfills every requirement from a good environment to a great pay package. Not only this air hostess gets to meet big business tycoons and celebrities, but also they get the chance to travel to so many countries and places.

There are some physical requirements that an Air Hostess should have.

Airhostess should be young and good-looking. Airhostess can not marry till the time they are doing this job. Air hostesses need to maintain their weight according to height.

Air hostesses need to wear high heels.

They should have long nails and nail paint should always be there always on their nails.

Air hostesses need to wear makeup and this is another important thing to do. Red lipstick should always be there with heavy face makeup.

Airhostess should always smile when greeting passengers.

Air Hostess must have Empathetic behavior towards the elderly, children, and sick passengers.

They should have problem-solving skills

They should have professionalism.

There should be no visible tattoo on their body

Eye vision should be proper and good eyesight is a must.

Air hostesses can’t wear glasses. If they use glasses in that case they have to wear lenses.

They should have clear skin.

The Air Hostess should know how to swim. In case of an emergency to save the lives of passengers, they should know how to swim.

They should have good voice quality.

They should have good English communication.

There are some mandatory medical tests they need to do such as blood tests, urine tests, AIDS tests, ultrasounds, Vision tests, hearing tests, stool tests, and chest x-ray. If any illness is found, they won’t be accepted as an air hostess.

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Qualification for an air hostess is very general and basic. The minimum education required is 10+2 and most of the candidates apply for this after completion of their intermediate.


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